Sunday, February 24

The DIY Ringlight

Just the  cheapest DIY ringlight-hack ever!! Total cost? Like ten dollars.


Ring-lights instantly turn a "blah" photo into something much more. In comparison to harsh, direct lighting, ring-lights give subjects an almost angelic glow. Unfortunately, these little fuckers are expensive and cumbersome. So here I have... TADA! The cheapest macro photography ringlight

Materials Needed:
Christmas Lights (battery operated if you want it portable, LED preferred)
Wire hanger

Simply bend the wire hanger into an O-shape and wrap the Christmas lights around. Bigger bulbs such as G12 ones will result in a brighter, more effective ring-light!

These lights are best for macro photography but they will also produce beautiful results when taking photos of small pets, delicious foods, jewelry, makeup, etc! When you are done, you can easily store your ring-light by hanging it in the closet. If you want to be a bit craftier, you can bend the hanger into any shape you want. Heart-light, anyone?

Until Next Time,

Saturday, September 22

Jurlique Rose Water Mist & etc.


Ever since school has started I've been swamped with work! It's gotten pretty bad where I don't even remember to put on lotion at night and my face has gotten rather dry and disgusting. So at the risk of me becoming a wrinkly woman by the time I graduate, I decided to use try this product -- Jurlique's Rose Water Balancing Mist (It was sent to me but I've been leaving it in my drawer for god knows how long). Its a mist that provides the perfect amount of moisture without feeling like you dry-humped a pizza with your face. It also has their signature rose scent which Im not too fond of but I put up with it because it makes my face feel so smooth!


Also I've noticed that if you have dry skin and you spray this over your make-up, you look all dewy and in general, beautiful. So try it out if you guys have the time. And here are some mandatory photos that I haven't uploaded!


Until Next Time,

P.S. I finally bought cards against humanity and I am so stoked to try it out. The first card I picked out of the deck is "Pooping back and forth. Forever". This looks promising

Monday, July 30

Photo Update!


Just a short update with some photos over the past few months. I've been so caught up with Hysteric Me that I collected all these photos like some sort of hoarder-hermit and I completely forgot to post them up! They are actually most up everywhere else but my blog. Whoops!! But here are some adventure photos. A new video will be up on le YouTube tonight so stay tuned :> I'm aiming to do videos every week so let's see how that goes! 

DAMN LOOK AT THAT JEWELRYYY OH HO HO. If you haven't seen yet, I'm doing a giveaway on Hysteric Me's Tumblr, Facebook, and my personal Youtube! So check that out :)

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Wednesday, July 25



So I am hosting another giveaway but this time it is for HystericMe.com. You don't need to be my follower for this one (though it would be nice... if you were... oh ho ho... ho.) YOU HAVE THREE CHANCES TO WIN!


The prize:
We are giving you THREE chances to win jewelry from HystericMe.com. The winner will receive any piece of jewelry of their choice from HystericMe.com. Open for all residents of Earth.

How to enter:
1. Like our FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/HystericMe and like or comment on whichever piece of Jewelry you think is badass. If you like 'em all! Comment on 'em/Like 'em all!
2. Follow us on Tumblr http://hystericme.tumblr.com and like/reblog this post. You can reblog once a day.
3. Follow http://youtube.com/hystericbynature for promotional material and comment/like our Epic Jewelry video. You can comment with whatever you want (even your favorite dinosaur!)

How we will pick our three winners!
1. We will pick this winner through the likes and comments in our image gallery randomly.
2. We will pick this winner through our notes randomly.
3. We will pick this winner through the comments of our video randomly.
We will check all entries thoroughly. Giveaway Ends August 25th. Don't forget to visit http://hystericme.com for some badass jewelry. Good luck and stay classy!

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, July 24

New EPIC Video and... WEBSHOP?!? HystericMe

Remember a month or so ago when I made these ridiculous promises of new videos and more blogposts? I'm pretty sure that a ton of you guys went WTF YOU POST FOUR TIMES THEN DISAPPEAR FOREVER AGAIN! So I've been pretty good at keeping things under wraps and never exposing a single detail of my project. It is because I don't want to hype you guys up without a final product. In all actuality, I've been working my butt off making... dun dun dunnn. MAH WEBSHOP! -- hystericme.com

When I was ha... ha... unable to perform my normal tasks during my weeks of idleness, I came to realize that a took a lot of stuff for granted. So I did something crazy and I put all my time and energy in making a legit ass webshop. This is no ordinary webshop. I personally chose this selection of jewelry to reflect my style. It's my baby to say the least. And since I am so sure that this is the best thing since sliced bread, I am giving everyone free shipping. For. Ever. AND FREE EXCHANGES. Wait... Hold up. WHAT?!? 

Yes. I will pay for the shipping to exchange your jewelry if you are unsatisfied (within the continental 48 states).  Also, I made a legit video for this webshop (in addition to taking all the photos). I think this is my best video yet but you can judge for yourself! It took a painstaking two and a half days to film and three days to edit (all for that 1.5 minutes but it was so worth it!) (PS. FOLLOW MY NEW YOUTUBE! http://youtube.com/hystericbynature)

So here is my video. Don't forget to check out all the delicious jewelry at http://hystericme.com and to like our FB page! http://www.facebook.com/HystericMe. I will be hosting a crazy giveaway with Hysteric Me soon so STAY TUNED!!! Also, since I have launched this project I will try to reach one video a week. Crazy I know that is why there is an emphasis on the try haha.

Until Next Time,