Sunday, February 27

Nerd Sundays #001: Dead Space 2 for iPad Review

So part of my New Year's resolution is to update my blog more often. I'm sure most of you can tell that I'm not a very committed blogger ): So I decided to motivate myself by blogging at least once a week on things other than what I did or what my make-up looks like because to be honest, that takes a LOT of time/energy to find someone to take my photo or spend time camwhoring then shifting through my photos to find one where I don't look like an alien.

Most of these posts will probably be about photography (such as lens reviews/ lighting tutorials), tech stuff (shit I really want/ apps or games I like)

TOPIC #1: Dead Space 2 on iPad


(Awwww yeah. Killing dem bitchez.)

So as you may or may not know, horror games are my favorite genre of gaming. I'm not a fan of RPGs or MMOs (don't boo me ; o ;). I used to be when I was younger (think 12/13) but as a college student with a boyfriend, a dog, a job, and a blog, I simply don't have enough time to put into playing RPGs/MMOs. That, and I get addicted to shit really easily so I could potentially fail a few classes. (When I played RE4 with Aaron, we both spent a whole week of our winter break in our pajamas, living off a combination of canned foods and delivery. Thus, with my shitty immune system, I got really sick from not seeing the sun enough and ruined a good half of our vacation overseas.)

Aaron actually bought Dead Space 2 for the iPad for me. Even after seeing the trailer, I was unconvinced that the game was scary. Something about being trapped in space with mutated aliens just didn't feel scary.  However, after playing for a good fifteen minutes I was scared shitless. I kept dying (its very hard to control on the iPad, mind you!)

(I hate walking past those corpse because I know for sure one of them is about to attack me)

The game play is a third person shooter ordeal. Concept is simple: you perform small missions to find out whats going on. 

It may seem steep for ten dollars on the iPad but trust me, it is well worth it.  The cons of the game are, that I get a headache very fast. This may be due to me squinting to see the details on the iPad. More cons are that upgrades for armor costs real money ): . I'm not a fan of paying real money to upgrade my suit. Also, it may get a bit laggy depending on how many things are running on your iPad

After playing it on the iPad, I decided to buy Dead Space 1 on Steam. Primarily because I have a good computer now so why not optimize its usage I should go in chronological order anyways right? I will upgrade again after I finished Dead Space 1 but so far, I highly recommend the iPad app!

Until Next Time,

Saturday, February 26

Engadget Reader Meetup in San Francisco

For some people who know me very well, they know that I am an inner nerd. I love video games and reading up on cameras/cell phones. I hate going out (unless there's food involved) and I would much rather stay at home with Aaron in my pajamas eating chips and playing video games. So today, I convinced Aaron to go with me to the Engadget Reader Meetup in San Francisco. It was freezing cold but I got him to go with me (scoreeeeeeee)

My outfit for the event! I wore casual clothing so I would not stick out as much because I actually don't like to be noticed... haha ; o ;
Top: Glad News
Pants & Cardigan: Off Brand
Shoes: Randa

I got a foxtail when i went overseas but never attached it to anything until now! Its so cute & fluffy hehe..


This is a close up of my make-up today... I am so sad! I lost my nude lipstick so I have to use lip concealer instead... -sadness- This is the second time I lost nude lipstick

Yay we got in! The venue had a capacity of 1200 people and I was very scared I would not get in ; o ;!!! The line was so crazy. It circled around the block four times. I got so excited & was playing so much with the gadgets that I didn't take photos.... ahhh sad me!!!


They had live tweets which were HILARIOUS! One that stuck out to me the most was about a man  who would perform sexual favors in exchange for one of the giveaway prizes.

Around 8ish, people started camping out! I thought it was most cute because I would have done this too except Aaron is not fond of camping. I thought it was cute 70-80% of the people were blogging while they were there! People were walking around recording things for YT, tweeting, or taking a bunch of photos. :)

I thought this was funny. At the end of the night as I was about to leave, I saw the woman who was explaining the new line of HP laptops (that launched this Tuesday) go on Facebook secretly. I caught youuu!!!

I think out of all the gadgets I played with, I was the most interested in the Blackberry Playbook. I was contemplating on getting an ipad for my mother because of the battery life and ease of usage. But now after seeing the Playbook, I WANT IT FOR MYSELF!!!! The interface is so nice. I wish I took photos of it but basically, you navigate through swiping. It doesn't have any buttons (+1 pt for design), its small, light, the resolution is so sharp and the best thing is... IT HAS MULTITASK!!! The thing I hate about the iPad is that I have to pause every application to go on another one... Battery life is not released yet so I guess that is the deciding factor for me. I wonder how much it will cost...

They actually gave away two Playbooks and I was so insanely jealous at the people who won.

I really like going to these things. I can't wait to go next time.

Sunday, February 20

Bonjour Haul!

(excuse the smudgyness. I took this photo 8-10 hours after I did my make-up ; o ;)

Hello!! I bought some make-up from Bonjour HK recently. I know its kind of funny how I didn't buy make up from Bonjour when I was actually in HK and I'm buying make-up from them when I'm in America... haha. Its actually because I didnt have enough luggage space in HK & the shipping was free this time :3 Total... I think I spent around 45 dollars tax + shipping included
I got this because I always wanted the cute pink cheeks that all the models have. Color wise, it was spot on! It didn't really fade throughout the day and It made me feel so cute (haha).
So everyone and their mom kept telling me about this amazing fiberwig stuff. At sephora, this mascara is twenty... four or twenty six?? Yeah this was fourteen dollars. HELL YEAH. Anyways, this lives up to people's raves. This is the first mascara I've used that made my eyelashes look long, but not spidery or clumpy. It made my sparse Asian eyelashes look fuller and longer!!
Okay I know you guys are probably thinking WTF eyelash glue? Why don't you just get duo? As you guys may or may not know, Dollywink Eyelash Glue is manufactured by KOJI. So instead of buying Dollywink's glue I bought one from KOJI. Okay, I swear it works almost the same. The only difference is this one is a squeeze tube and two dollars. Just like Dollywink's this glue dries pretty quick so if you don't glue it quick enough it will not stick properly. And also, this one is not as waterproof.
WTF more eyelash glue? Haha I just bought this to reach the max limit for shipping ....

Natural Hair Make! This is for that tousled look. I thought it was going to be in mousse form but its actually a milky wax... OH WAIT. It says milky wax on the bottle... .... >.>
I bought this peach lipstick because I needed more color on my lips and not nude all the time. This is actually a pretty pink but not enough shimmer/shine/pigment.... Its lacking a bit in every category

And now... FREEEEBIEEESS!!  The Bonjour Online website is usually really... unorganized so sometimes they relist things as 0.00$ HAHA. And of course they have to honor your purchase so I got these things at zero cost!

This is for applying mascara. I'm not sure how to use it but its free (haha)
Replacement mascara rubber things...

Finished look with my new stuff! I took this photo probably an hour after I finished work... which is around eight hours after I first applied it. The pink doesn't show up as much with flash but its still there!! Without flash its a lot cuter looking. 

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, February 15


 Happy Valentines Day!!!
This my outfit for valentines day :3


I curled my hair for it (haha) ... I was surprised that I still remember how to curl hair after not doing my hair for so long!! 

Lately, I've been wearing this eyeshadow -- KATE diamond eyeshadow. When I first bought it, I was very disappointed because the Majorca Majorlica eyeshadow was so much more pigmented. I wanted to buy another Majorca Majorlica eyeshadow but I cheaped out and got a KATE one instead. So I gave it another chance and IT SURPRISED ME SO MUCH!!

Its a small eyeshadow. I bought the cool gray one :3

So instead of it being pigmented, it sparkles! It makes my eyes look like diamonds for real! I saw other people blog about using brown but I think for this type of eyeshadow, cooler colors will pop out more.

Close up shot of my make up! This slight fisheye effect on my phone camera makes me look funny >:

Shirley bought me a rock&republic eyeshadow! Its called nailed (cool gray) I'm not sure how often I will use it but the packaging is just GORGEOUS!

Opens up into this
Little eyeshadow container
WABAM! Its such a pretty color but I don't think I will use it much because I am actually very lazy with my make up and I like to do things on the go.

Also, if you are wondering how I took these pretty photos, I actually made my own light tent instead of buying one. Making your own light tent = like twenty five cents. Buying a light tent from ebay = twenty five dollars HAHA

This is actually what the process looks like! The type of lightbulb I'm using is a very bright fluorescent one. You can use any type of light bulb you want but I like cooler tones. I lined a box up with white paper but I heard fabric is better.

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, February 8

Eyelash Case!

 So the other day, when I got off from work, I went to Ichiban-Kan. For those who are unfamiliar to Nor-Cal, Ichiban-Kan is a one dollar store kind of like daiso but more specialized in home accessories and girly stuff. As I was going to get myself a screen protector for my phone, I noticed this item that says "eyelash box"

Now normally I would think why do I need an eyelash box when I can just buy a regular, cheaper box? I took the chance and bought and and IM SO GLAD I DID!

Now instead of having my eyelashes in a giant clump in one of my little containers, I can seperate them. This is what my eyelash used to look like top and bottom ones all entangled in a teeny tiny container.

NOW LOOK! Everything is seperated so I can grab my eyelashes without losing bottom lashes. This is a really good bargain for a dollar fifty because it reminds me of dollywink's box with the seperators
Except you know... dollywinks is like ten+ dollars and this one was A DOLLAR FIFTY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY COMES WITH A MIRROR

My eyelashes even feel better when I put them on because they aren't bent into weird shapes!!! 

I'm almost done with editing my Japan+HK photos but unfortunately, they are 80% of food HAHAHAHA so be prepared for a massive fatass upload sometime this week

Until next time,