Tuesday, March 29

Giant Haul Review: Canmake, Diamond Lash, Etc.

So my haul came! I ordered a bunch of make-up with Shirley. Check out her blog as well if you are a make-up fanatic! Anyways, I ordered Kate eyebrow pencil, two sets of Diamond lashes, a Canmake palette, Canmake lipstick + gloss, and a Visee Palette.

Canmake's Melty Nude Lipstick in Baby Beige! I heard a lot of good things about this so I caved in. I love nude lipstick anyways!


How it looks like unboxed. First of all, even though the hexagonal pattern on the tip of the lipstick is really really beautiful, its not very good for applying.  After four uses, I finally broke it in.

A swatch of it. I was surprised at how light it looked on my skin! Love it!

Score: 5/5 I love how pigmented this lipstick in. I don't even need any lip primer! It goes on REALLY smooth and its so thick. I'm not a fan of sheer lipstick AT ALL so when I put this on I was so happy. Packaging wise, the hexagonal tip doesn't really add or subtract from the product. This color wasn't overly orangey or pink. It was the perfect shade of "nude". Its a LOT better than Myth from MAC, IMO. This color is more "sweet" and puckering.

Canmake Nudy Glow in Peach Milk.

A photo of it without all the packaging! I like the sleek design of this. Its fun and cutesy without being too over the top and girly girl.


No swatch of this but heres a photo of the color. Its pretty true to life. 

Score: 5/5 DAMN THIS LIPGLOSS IS AMAZING. It goes on so thick and creamy. It doesn't have much shimmer but I don't really care about that for lips anyways. Definitely pair this up with the lipstick for a totally juicy lips. Damn I can't get over how nice these go together. GOOD JOB CANMAKE!

 Canmake Melty Nude Lips in Baby Beige, Canmake Nudy Lips (gloss) in Peach Milk on my lips. Definitely kissable ;) !

Viseii Blackish Forming Eyes in B-3

THE PACKAGING ON THIS THING IS AMAZING. Okay, nothing says classy like breaking out some reptile print on your palette. It feels expensive and mature. None of that kira kira cutesy packaging on this! SERIOUS BUSINESS.

No mirror? Hmmmm.... I love the little patterns on the shadows.

Swatch of the colors. The black is a LOT darker than this but the lighting washed it out a bit.

Score: 4/5 I was actually going to give this a 3.5 but I decided to bump it up after considering how much palettes here cost. The cost of this was around... twentyish? It seems expensive, but not for the colors you are getting. I mean, an urban decay eyeshadow is seventeen dollars.

Overall, I think this palette is good if you are into dark, dark make-up (like I am). You get all your basic smokey eye colors and its pretty pigmented. There wasn't anything that wowed me but nothing that disappointed me either if that makes sense. I like it a lot but I wanna see how far I can push the colors before I really decide if I LOVE it.

Canmake Four Shiny Eyes in Bitter Coffee

A very very small palette. Its a lot smaller than the Visee one.

Oh Canmake... You did so well with your lip products only to fail miserably with your palettes.

Score: 1/5 Okay, the swatches here look alright. However, I would NOT recommend any one to buy this palette... Unless you want something for emergency purposes in your purse. It wasn't really a waste of money since I think I got it for around ten, twelve dollars. Thats really a bargain(hence, the one star)! However, the colors didn't really pop. Though they appear shimmery here, they are matte in person. There was really no depth to these colors. I used them with some shimmer powder over and SO MUCH BETTER! I like matte eyeshadow but these colors looked so dull without any shimmer or shine.

Kate Eyebrow Pencil in BR-3

I originally got this eyebrow pencil because though I love my Brow Gel + Shadow kit, its ginormous and I never bring it out. When I got this pencil I noticed how SMALL it was. I mean Its ... pretty damn small compared to my hands. I don't have giant hands either... I guess I got what I asked for...

Swatch of it. Its a bit darker than this but not that much.

Score: 2/5 THIS PENCIL IS SO WAXY... I mean its still usable but its not soft at all! I know some people really like shaped, stencil eyebrows but I am not one of those people. Its really harsh and unblendable. Why did I give it a 2 then? Because its waterproof. I tried showering with it and scrubbing, did not budge. The next day I still had a teeny mark on my hand where I drew the marks. So if you want a small pencil to bring to the gym you should try it out.

Diamond Lash in Glamorous Eye

Score: 5/5 Okay so after I tried Diamond Lashes the first time (in fairy eye) and grew to dislike them, I decided to give Diamond Lash another chance. I saw these and they looked alright. The band is stiff which I like a LOT! Some people prefer soft bands but I like my lashes to keep their shape. Oh my god these are my HG lashes! I can not get enough of these. They give the effect of two or three layers of eyelashes with one band! Super fluffy!

I also got Diamond Lash in Model Eye. Do you notice something terribly wrong with these lashes? YES! Shirley stuck some of the Diamond bottom lashes she got in my packaging. Oh Shirley <3. I'm not sure which ones she got but they came with a band. The Model Eye does not come with a band at all. I actually gave a pair to Toge since she likes individual lashes so much.

Score: 2.5/5 STAY AWAY!... sorta. I have such mixed feelings about these lashes. I hate individual lashes but these are soooo pretty. They are a bitch to put on because they are flimsy and rip. When I put them on, I went through one and a half pairs because I kept dropping the small pieces, lashes kept ripping, and it was just a hot mess. I put lashes on really quick (5 minutes for top and bottom). With these I took 15-20 minutes JUST FOR THE BOTTOM ONES -- and I'm a veteren at that! After I took them off and laid them in my eyelash box, they clumped together so now I have a giant ball of used eyelashes... However, they do look A LOT BETTER than strips so I guess I'll save whatever I have left over for special occasions. I have to say I will definitely NOT repurchase these.

My Look for Today!!

Items used: Viseii Palette, Diamond Lash in Glamorous, Diamond lash in Model Eye, Kate pencil in BR3, Shimmer Powder from Shirley.

Eyes Opened: Damn I fucking love those top lashes!! Sex Kitten status!

A photo of the side to show how dramatic the lashes look! I love it! I'm also wearing the Canmake lipstick+ gloss.

Front view of my make-up. I love dramatic make-up. The funny thing is that I took a bunch of photos... But I looked SO WEIRD in all of them because the lashes were SO DRAMATIC, it looked like I had photoshopped my eyes ten times bigger or something. I actually had to sift through photos to find the one that I looked most natural in HAHA.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my purchase. The good outweighed the bad definitely and I have a use for everything I buy so I'm sure I'll hit the pan on a few shadows soon!

On another note, I am so glad that I have followed my New Year resolutions and have become proactive in blogging. Damn, 11 blogs in March? COMMITMENT! I hope it doesn't fall through!

Until Next Time,

Sunday, March 27

Nerd Sundays #005: Girl Economics

I was going to blog about something totally different this week but I thought this is something way more important than electronics or make-up. People always ask me how I have the money to spend the way I do so I decided to share my system with you guys. This isn't really for girls, it applies to everything but I noticed that most of the things I spend my money on (i.e. clothing, make-up, random useless shit) is girl orientated so there you go!

An old photo of me with glasses to fit the mood!
 I hate how I look with any glasses >.>

The first thing I have to say about spending is that, whatever your money is worth today, it is worth less tomorrow, and even less the day after that. This sounds kind of simple and elementary, but most people don't think about that when they shop or pay their bills. For example, if you have taken out a student loan with a ridiculously low interest rate, you should actually prolong paying it till the very end of your education because the amount that is due is actually less in the future than the present (even with the interest)! This is why 0% APR on cars is such a steal. That twenty grand is going to depreciate in value and will actually be less than twenty grand in the future. If you have the opportunity, you should never pay for large investments all at once.

 (Things you should spend money on: make-up, make-up remover, vitamins, food, etc.)

People save money on things they shouldn't be saving money on and spending money on things that will have less monetary value the minute they walk out with it. An example of this is make-up. I spend a good amount of my paycheck on make-up because I use it frequently and buying a ton of make-up now, will save me money due to inflation in prices later on. However, if you don't use make-up frequently, this might not apply to you as make-up does have an expiration date. Another example are things like tweezers, hairspray, lotion, basically anything that you will use often. You should actually buy WAY MORE of these things.

How much should you stock up on? Well, I'm not telling you to fill your whole closet with deodorant and eating utensils. The amount of "stuff" you should have, should be enough that it doesn't clutter your living space. A lot of females I know actually have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF.

This is something else that should be taken into consideration. If you have things you don't use, won't use for another six to twelve months, toss it or donate it. You don't know how many bags of clothing I have given up to friends, sold, or donated to Goodwill. These things are deadweights, meaning they are taking up space for potential new items and do not serve any purpose. Think about it in a business perspective; If you own a clothing store and you have items that don't sell, not only are you losing money on your investment, you are also losing space where other clothing items COULD sell more. Simply put, these items in your room are not adding any additional value to your life and should be gone!

Now onto things you should not spend so frequently on. CLOTHING (which includes accessories and shoes) is the number one item on my list. Except for certain niches like shoeheads or lolitas, clothing decreases in value the minute you walk out with your new purchase. How do you combat this? First off, buy cheaper clothing. I'm not telling you to never spend more than 10 dollars on a shirt but if you see items you want to buy at a store, think about the span of its lifetime -- the frequency of its wear, how much money it will take to clean it, and the price. If you think hard enough, most of the time you will put what you have in your hands down.

1. Buy more of what you need right this moment (WAY MORE OF IT)
2. Throw away the things you won't use within 6-12months.
3. Don't invest a lot of your money in items that will depreciate in value (i.e. clothing, magazines, etc.) unless you are an enthusiast (that way it adds more value to your life).
4. Your money is ALWAYS worth less today.
5. If you can get out of ridiculously high interest rates, you should pay for your things in the future (i.e. loans, car, house).

As a woman, I know we all love to spend money and buy things. So instead of spending large amounts of money on clothing, spend it on other equally satisfying items such as sexy underwear, hairspray, make-up, socks,  etc.

I have so much more I wanted to say but I wanted to shorten it so it won't bore anyone

Until Next Time,

Thursday, March 24

Forever21 Haul & Pho with Toge




I usually never order from forever21 because the instore items disappoint me BUT... on a certain day last week they were donating 100% of every dollar to Japan so I thought, why not. I haven't donated that much anyways. I think my total was 110 dollarsish.

I bought "comfy" underwear. Yes, this is my definition of comfy. My other underwear isn't cotton and theres so much lace on it!! Aaron tells me to stop buying underwear since my collection is so big. Also, I got some earrings since I've been trying to be more lady like.

A few shirts. I've been trying to add some color to my wardrobe. I wanted some turquoise and yellow but there weren't any nice ones with accents so PINK IT IS!! (p.s. notice the easy breezy shirt. LOL)

Gifts for Aaron & his family. I bought Aaron a shirt, his mom a knit sweater, and his dad some pajama pants. His grandma loves the fur hat! She thinks its adorable!


Some Pho I ate with Toge the other day. FOUR DOLLA PHO!!! Its the best and the dirtiest.

So Toge bought this big ass cake for no reason. She took it home in the rain LOL.
I wanted to get a photo of the shirt toge made for me but I could not. I enjoy my makeup in this photo though. I'm starting to use color lipstick because nudes look SO washed out with this color hair. I look so tan & my hair looks so brown with the flash!

Us together. Oh how I enjoy Toge.

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, March 22

Kate Gel Liner Review + New Hair!


Trying to catch up my life with my blog!! I'm going out with one of my closest friends, Toge today and I am sure I won't have time to blog about it later today!

I recently got Kate's Gel Liner  in the mail. People have compared this to Mac's fluidline and I wanted to see how it would last. Mac's fluidline is pretty good but it dries up where I live ): This one is very smoldery. It definitely seems like it won't dry out. 

I got it for thirteen dollars on ebay without the brush. The resale as it says on the box is 1100yen. With the exchange rate, it seems alright.

When it goes on, its SUPER BLACK! as dark as my liquid!

I don't think this really lasts the longest. after 5 hours, it starts to fade. As you can tell in the photo the black stopped being true, especially on the bottom. The jar is definitely smaller (I actually like this because I can use it all up in a couple months!). 

Conclusion? 3/5 stars. I mean Mac's fluidline is only a couple dollars more and it fades a lot less. 

Now onto my hair dying. Here is a before photo! I was sick of my brassy brassy blonde hair. I love it when I first tone it and then... three washes later its brass city. I have tried using purple shampoo but I'm still not happy with the color. I don't think I'm cut out for "true" blonde. It makes my face too sickly and yellow looking.

So I opted to buy a box dye instead of going to the ghetto beauty store and buying Wella to mix my own. I chose L'oreal because the 4.99 Revlon ones SUCK. You get what you pay for. Last time I went "brown" with Revlon, it turned out green. Not in the good way either.

Of course, I picked ASH brown because I love everything ash! Note: YOU WILL NOT GET THE SAME RESULTS AS ME WITH YOUR HAIR. Every time I dye my hair ash brown, it turns out with a gray tone.

The aftermath! I definitely expected a bit of gray but this was overwhelming! I LOVE GRAY HAIR! and this definitely made my day. Oh yes and I switched my lippie up a bit because I look dead with nude lips and this hair color.

A bit of what it looks like in the sun. It turns out browner in the sun and grayer in the shade. I love this color (although the bottom of my hair has a small red tint to it).

Of course, the only reason why my hair turns this color because before, it was 9A. If you guys know hair terms, 9A is Palest Ash Blonde according to Wella. This is a 6A. So that's three shades darker! If you guys want this haircolor to be this light, you will have to bleach your hair immensely beforehand!

Until Next Time,

Sunday, March 20

Nerd Sundays #004: Exploratorium, iPad2 Review, iPad2 Giveaway


Sometimes I feel like I move too fast for blogging. When I decide to finally blog about something, I'm already doing something else! When will my blogs catch up with my life ; o ;~ I mean by the time I finished blogging about this, my GIANT make-up haul already came, "got" a new phone (aka stealing my boyfriend's), my hair is another color, and I made a giant purchase on Forever21! AHHHH!!! .... 


Nerd Sundays #004: Exploratorium, iPad2 Review, iPad2 Giveaway

A few days ago I went to the Exploratorium! For those people who don't know what that is, its a giant science discovery museum in San Francisco. I figured this was nerd friendly enough for Sunday!

MAH NERD OUTFITTT!! I tried to wear glasses to no avail. DAMN YOU HEADACHE! And thank you Aaron for taking the photo at such a tall angle. I look all midgety now!

Mirror shot!

Hair was in crimped pigtails!  

Listening to soundwaves. Apparently, I am deaf because I could not listen to anything about 7000 hertz. ): 

I love the Exploratorium (not the kids).

I thought this was so cute!

Dessert right after! Because learning sucks all the sugar out of you!

Giant fricking parfait!!!



Okay, its not mine. Its my boyfriends. But a girl can still dream right?

❤Multi-touch enabled shortcuts! (i.e. pinch with five fingers to close window)
❤Beveled edges. Super sleek!
❤So much lighter. It feels amazing!
❤The smart cover is really cool. It detects when its lifted so quickly
❤Quicker response time
❤The sound is a lot better
❤Internal/external camera

❤You can't get it. TOO BAD!
❤The smart cover is 79 dollars for the leather one...
❤The cheap smart covers are in ugly colors
❤The cover only attaches to one side.
❤Internal/external camera sucks

Overall, I think this is such a good investment. Its so light and sleek! I think the smart cover could be drastically improved but I'm guessing they are holding back for later.

Once they hit 1000 members, They will give away a FREE iPAD2!!! AND MAKE-UP! this is like my dream come true!! PLEASE REBLOG!