Wednesday, March 9

Furry Hat & Date with Aaron!

Yesterday I decided to dress up to pick Aaron up from school as a surprise! I realized that I don't have any photos of my outfits so I decided to snap a few photos before I left. TBH, I don't like dress up often because I get solicited .

I wish I could wear all my clothes all the time ; o ; ... I have a LOT of clothing. But its either too cold here/too dangerous/not appropriate to wear all the time.

Its so hard to take photos of my shoes without looking like I have sausage legz! GRRRR! But I really really like these shoes. They are fairly comfortable to walk in and have all these star studs on them :D!

My friend gave me this belt recently! I love it so much! THANKS EMMA <3

Close up shot of my eye make-up. I haven't done dark eyes in a long time ! But today, I wanted to surprise Aaron at school with super sultry eyes! The contacts I used were seashell blues. I actually HATE these contacts because they look like crap with every other make-up style but I have to say... THEY LOOKED SO GOOD WITH DARK MAKE-UP :D

And now... FOOD PORN

We went to our favorite restaurant -- Mescolanza. This is the best Italian restaurant I've eaten at. Its not your average spaghetti and meatballs place.

The special of the week. It was so gewd!

Scampi Mescolanza. I hate cream sauce with a passion but they managed to put lemon in cream sauce without the cream turning funky

HAHA you look like such a fatass chipmunk here! Storing all your food in your mouth :D!

 Mousse dessert.

The special was so good, we actually got an order to go for Aaron. Total of our dinner was eightyish dollars ; o ; but Aaron treated me so I have extra moneys to buy make-up (HAHA! I'll review my buys when it comes) I love my boyfriend. I ended up sleeping over Aarons house and we ate the rest of the pasta (oh no my diet!) ; o ;

Until Next Time,


  1. Looking good! Damn you rock dark eyes!

  2. Your outfit looks straight out of a gyaru magazine. <3 I just don't know what magazine, because I don't really follow them lol I want your belt. I might have to jump you if we ever meet in person :3

    Ughhhhh is that mozarella, tomato and basil?? Looks sooooooo good! Reminds me of those O.P. sandwiches Safeway used to make... mozarella, spinach, sun-dried tomato on focaccia bread, OMG. Fuck you Safeway! >:O

  3. I envy your kawaii-ness
    btw kaneee is in the envelope (:

  4. @Kimmmie THANKS! I actually used to wear black eyeshadow everyday and had my roots growing in. I LOOKED SO TRASHY 8D

    @Katie WHEN WILL I MEETZ YOU :D OMG i know what you are talking about because its like buy seven get one free? From the deli?

    Shirley: YEY OKANE :D

    im not kawaii and you know it! LOL im so manly ; o ; tear tear....

  5. i wish my girlfriend was that hot

  6. oh hay yew rooks the gweds, the best I've ever seen bby <3 yew get hotter err'dai n I can no longer put u in mah pokketto WHY YEW NO FITTO

  7. I love your curls, they look amazingly perfect. Nice :D
    And oh god, do want some of that wannabe rainbow mousse *q*

  8. Fucking Safeway stopped making them ;__; Now they only sell shit-wiches....

    Soon my dear, soon.. maybe lmao



    @KAMI thanks!! I didn't eat the mousse cuz I felt like a fatass already from eating all that pasta ; o ; but its white chocolate milk chocolate dark chocolate with strawberry syrup ; o ; so gewd

    @KATIE whatttt? ; o ; I usually get sandwich custom made at the deli! Its a pretty good deal 4.99 and I finish half so I can save the other half for later huhu

  10. Omg, you are sooo gorgeous!! *__* And your outfit is so nice and your make-up and hair look flawless! It's no wonder so many guys try to talk to you... D: But wow, your boots are amazing!! I like how the studs are little stars~ ♥

  11. @tricia GUYS TALK TO ME CUZ THEY THINK IM A LEGIT HO. ; o ; its so sad... that is why i dont like standing at corners. i remember this one time i was with my boyfriend in the suburbs and this car with tinted windows rolled by and slowed down but then they saw my boyfriend and left LOL. awkward....

  12. Thanks so much for following <3
    WOAHH you're gorgeous! D: oh myy! And the mousse looks yummy!

  13. Maybe I should try their custom menu... maybe that's the only way I'll ever get to taste that holy grail sandwich again, omgggg it's so delicious >< I work at a deli at Lucky and always thought people were crazy to order sandwiches for $5! I guess Safeway must have a good menu :)

  14. delicious and sophisticated dishes ;)
    you look like a rock star :)

  15. sooooo sexy!!!! all in black!!!

  16. Thanks so much for following <3
    WOAHH you're gorgeous! D: oh myy! And the mousse looks yummy!