Tuesday, March 22

Kate Gel Liner Review + New Hair!


Trying to catch up my life with my blog!! I'm going out with one of my closest friends, Toge today and I am sure I won't have time to blog about it later today!

I recently got Kate's Gel Liner  in the mail. People have compared this to Mac's fluidline and I wanted to see how it would last. Mac's fluidline is pretty good but it dries up where I live ): This one is very smoldery. It definitely seems like it won't dry out. 

I got it for thirteen dollars on ebay without the brush. The resale as it says on the box is 1100yen. With the exchange rate, it seems alright.

When it goes on, its SUPER BLACK! as dark as my liquid!

I don't think this really lasts the longest. after 5 hours, it starts to fade. As you can tell in the photo the black stopped being true, especially on the bottom. The jar is definitely smaller (I actually like this because I can use it all up in a couple months!). 

Conclusion? 3/5 stars. I mean Mac's fluidline is only a couple dollars more and it fades a lot less. 

Now onto my hair dying. Here is a before photo! I was sick of my brassy brassy blonde hair. I love it when I first tone it and then... three washes later its brass city. I have tried using purple shampoo but I'm still not happy with the color. I don't think I'm cut out for "true" blonde. It makes my face too sickly and yellow looking.

So I opted to buy a box dye instead of going to the ghetto beauty store and buying Wella to mix my own. I chose L'oreal because the 4.99 Revlon ones SUCK. You get what you pay for. Last time I went "brown" with Revlon, it turned out green. Not in the good way either.

Of course, I picked ASH brown because I love everything ash! Note: YOU WILL NOT GET THE SAME RESULTS AS ME WITH YOUR HAIR. Every time I dye my hair ash brown, it turns out with a gray tone.

The aftermath! I definitely expected a bit of gray but this was overwhelming! I LOVE GRAY HAIR! and this definitely made my day. Oh yes and I switched my lippie up a bit because I look dead with nude lips and this hair color.

A bit of what it looks like in the sun. It turns out browner in the sun and grayer in the shade. I love this color (although the bottom of my hair has a small red tint to it).

Of course, the only reason why my hair turns this color because before, it was 9A. If you guys know hair terms, 9A is Palest Ash Blonde according to Wella. This is a 6A. So that's three shades darker! If you guys want this haircolor to be this light, you will have to bleach your hair immensely beforehand!

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  1. You haircolor looks AMAZING on you! Holy moly! I'm planning on dying my hair a lighter, more ashy blonde soon.. I'm bored with my dark blonde -__-"

    I love your lenses btw! And your lashes... -faints- Such a stunner you areee~ JEALOUS!

  2. That hair shade looks really interesting! It wouldn't work on me, but I always admire the people who can pull certain looks off. :)

  3. I'm gonna use up my clinque liner before I try out the kate... I finished up my mac gel liner :o aren't you proud? hahaha

  4. I love loreal preference dyes : D

    their ash colors are always gorgeous !!

  5. @NANI yey i cant wait to see photos of you!!! oh i just buy ghetto drugstore lashes! im a lash picking pro because ive worn so many ; o ; so i can tell if they will be good or not easily HUHU~

    @charlene oh yeah im sure some people will look weird with grey hair. for me, i cant do orange tints. anything that is warm on me will make my skin look horrible!

    @shirley I AM PROUD OF YOU!!! im hitting the pan on my kate palette already! which means its time to use one of my new ones HUHU

    @Elaine. ME TOO!!! I bought Revlon ones based off a friend's advice. Never will listen to them again. It faded so quick >.>

  6. Wow, the gray hair looks amazing ♥ good job xD

  7. DAMN GURL! D: I'm taking you lash shopping then! LOL. -drags to the mall- I SUCK at picking lashes.. and I suck at applying them. But I've gotten a lot better than when I started.

    Btw, it might please you to hear, that I'm going WAY lighter in hair color this summer : D I remember your comment about you saying that I'd look great with platin blonde hair.. Not going platin, but going much blonder for this summer. Been wanting to go blonde for 5 years now! : D Hell, screw what people say - I'm doing it this year! woo! *parties*

    HAHAHA, sometimes I wonder how on EARTH companies come up with their names for eye shadows. 'Half baked', 'Baked', 'Twice Baked'.. They should've called their black color 'Over Baked' LOL.

  8. thanks for the review! i've been looking for a gel liner but not sure which brand would be best. i will check out mac :D
    oooh the hair color is really nice! i love ash brown but it's so hard to maintain that ash color, i hope it doesn't fade out into a coppery color for you again ><

  9. I loooooove your new hair color! It looks sexayy >:D

    Ughh I need to stop buying those damn Revlon boxes! Last time I was trying to make my hair light brown, and it turned SUPER dark brown... I don't even. Maybe I'll try L'Oreal next :)

  10. @nani I've been wearing lashes since I was fourteen so maybe that's why hehe. I was really bad at applying them in the beginning and it always stabbed my eye ):

    Yay I can't wait to see your hot hair

    @Emi I think Mac is still the best for the price

    @katie omg the Revlon boxes suck balls.. I think I would only use them if I'm low on cash. I just like L'Oreal better for natural box dyes

  11. Love grey hair too~ When done right. It looks pretty badass~ Your hair looks beautiful!!!

  12. Wow!! I super like you ashy hair color!!! <3

  13. I swear by MAC's fluidline, nothing else is as amazing as that liquid eyeliner. I can sleep with it on and it doesn't budge one bit.

  14. I have lashes similar to yours. Really liking the make-up in the first photo. I've been using MAC's fluidline for ages too, hasn't let me down since.

    Haha and I'm a pretty big sucker for gray hair as well; it looks great! I think I'm biased though, that love grew off of FFVII's Sephiroth