Sunday, March 6

Nerd Sundays #002: GrooveShark Review

This was a photo I took yesterday that I forgot to upload. Its getting warmer in San Francisco so I can wear shorts now huhu. Lily told me to upload this photo because she said I look like a big fat slut (LOL).

Anyways, its Sunday and true to my promise last week, I'm gonna be blogging about my new find...

Groove Shark!

My friend recently introduced me to this after being sick with Pandora's ad every 2-3 songs. I mean theres nothing more embarrassing than being pumped up at work dancing to your next song when a Geico commercial comes on... in front of all the customers (haha) TBH, I never paid attention to GrooveShark (and neither did any one around me) because of their interface. However in 2010, they launched a brand new html & java interface that just wowed me!

click for bigger view

Ignore the Big n Toasty commercial... Let me say, this is a gift from the heavens. I just hope they don't start charging any time soon. You can make your own playlists from your favorite songs and organize them extensively. The cool thing is the taskbar at the bottom where you can see what is playing/will be playing next while you peruse other songs.

I tested out how many songs were actually on this thing by searching for obscure remixes that I've only seen on torrents/heard on youtube... Let me say, this thing is the real deal. Although I've noticed they did not have any of deadmau5's new album (boo,whore!), they did have enough variety for me keep listening.

And now, I'm listening to Zero76 by Tiesto :D What about you?

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