Thursday, March 3

Tanning + New Sheets

A short entry because I have midterms this week... So out of the blue, I decided to tan myself... since I havent been dark since I was eight and I wanted to see how I looked with it! (Also because I have all these horrid bruises/marks all around my legs and I wanted to make them less apparent) ... I used sunless tanner because I don't want any wrinkles and here is the outcome! It smelt so bad -w-

 Its actually not orange. The lighting was bad when I took this photo but I liked how my hair looked in it! I didn't even straighten it! ; o ;



A better photo of what it looks like. Overall, I really like the look of it but I think since I'm living in such a cold place, its too much to apply every week. That, and the amount of chemicals I put in my hair is more than enough. I think I will do this maybe on vacation if I have to wear a bathing suit...

 dSLR photo of what it looks like. (I think this is the most HQ photo I have).

HMMMM what do you guys think of me tan? pale better? 

Also I got new bedsheets (as seen above)!!! (happy) Now... to sleep so I can wake up early and do my paper .... ha ha

Until Next Time,



  1. your bedsheets make me happy since they remind me of rainbow cheetahs (8

  2. I must admit that I like lighter hairshades with lighter skin, but still. I don't think the tan looks bad on you at all, it brings out a nice glow.

  3. I think the tan looks amazing on you. <3 Not to mention you look amazing on rainbow x leopard print :)

    I comes visits you someday mint! hahaha

  4. I like the glow, yew remind me of this AV star. I rikes

  5. I lurvee the bedsheet!

    I think you look great both tan or light! You look so hot! Btw, what nationality are you?

    I tried waiting to be your 100th follower but I guess it didn't happen. ;P

  6. @kimmie thank you! I THINK YOU ARE SO MUCH HOTTER LOL. i was actually creeping you and showing you to my bf ; o ; -guilty-

    im full chinese :D but people say i look mixed ; o ; i think im like 1-2% etc white people race since somewhere long ago like my great great etc..... grandma was blonde

  7. I'm not hot! I'm probably close to the cute side but not hot! You are definitely the definition of hot. ;) Reow.

    Holy moly, you don't look chinese! I thought you were half jap half white or something. You got me guessing good~ Ok, then you do have white power blood! haha


    besides no guys want hot girls ; o ; its so true because they want the cutsey innocent ones not the slutbag ones with make-up -sad tear-

    oh yeah i get that a lot >: when i went overseas people in hongkong would be confused whether to speak to me in chinese... and sometimes they talk shit about me when i can understand it ; o ; my bf says i have the strangest face hes seen HAHA because no one ever knows what i am!

  9. your bedsheets make me happy since they remind me of rainbow cheetahs (8