Thursday, April 21

Giant Food Adventure + Matte Make-up + Outfit


Hi there! I decided since I've eaten such good food in the past few days that from now on, I would mention where I would go to eat and the pricing of food (for the most part. I forget the price sometimes). Now as I live in San Francisco, food here is a bit more expensive than other places but I realized that some of my readers are from the Bay Area and maybe they would like to know where I go :)

A few days ago, one of my acquaintances in L.A. (Stephanie Butaya) came to visit San Francisco. I have probably bumped into her two-three times so I decided to ask her to hang out with me and get to know her better.

I treated her out to some fusion Burmese food and tart. Then my boyfriend treated us all out to some dessert!  We didn't get any good photos together so no photos from that day [boo!]

The place is called Burma Superstar. Its actually so popular that we went to their other restaurant across the street (B-STAR) ... that serves the exact same food!

My cocktail. It was made from blood oranges! Delicious! Stephanie didn't get anything cuz shes not of age yet haha.

 Tea leaf salad. The lady told me that the owner actually gets the tea leaves from Burma. This salad is one of the popular entrees and I can tell why.

Ceviche. I LOVE CEVICHE!! This one had pepper crusted tuna tataki with avocado, wakame, and spices. Highlight of my meal!

Chicken & shrimp biryani. Its baked with chicken, shrimp, peas, toasted almonds, egg, cilantro, basmati rice. I'm not too big of a fan of its flavor. Its slightly smokey sweet and nothing to write home about. (it must be because I really despise sweet salty foods haha)

We also got some french fries (not pictured because there's nothing special about a bunch of fries). Total of our meal was around 45, 55 with tip [Aaron's 20% tipping has rubbed off on me. I tip 20% everywhere now!] and TOTALLY WORTH IT! three appetizers, an entree, and a cocktail for that price? Unbeatable! I totally recommend this restaurant to every one in the bay area.

Afterwards we went discount shopping and such and I decided to buy a tart for my boyfriend and one for us to share as well. Stephanie got me a glitter NYX palette that I've been dying to try out because she felt bad about me paying 8D!! I've been dying to try that palette for forever! (I think every one and their mom knows which palette I'm talking about)


Schuberts Tart. Total? 7.50 for two! These are seriously the best tarts I've eaten in my life!

As if that wasn't enough food, we went to 100% Sweet Cafe to get some more. I think the total was 20 dollars but I'm not sure because Aaron paid.

Kumquat & milk pudding! One of the best things there

Milk Tea pudding. Really good!

We also got chicken wings & more fries, & two specialty drinks. twenty dollars was super cheap for the amount of snacks we ordered. 

Today I decided to eat a chicken burger. The place is called Bill's Place. My burger was 10 dollars + 2 dollars to substitute the fries for curly fries. I think this burger is pretty good but I wouldn't call it a ten dollar burger. Maybe a seven dollar burger but definitely not ten dollars. I've tried a bunch of their burgers before and they are definitely a hit or miss.


Look how bit it is once I stack it up. Its a really vintagey burger joint with lots of things to look at. Cute place to bring someone on a first date HAHA! Aaron really recommends the Letterman Burger (it comes with alfalfa sprouts and avocado).

I decided to try some matte make-up again. I was actually inspired to do some "natural make-up" but if you guys know me well, that never works out.


The results. I wore smaller diameter circles (regular nudy blues have 14.0) so it would appear more "natural" but I don't think I was successful at that. I do love the effect a lot though!

Outfit for today. Very casual top that I got at a secondhand store a while back. I love the cut of it! Its actually a brand from Urban Outfitters that was selling for 15 dollars at the store!

Here is a photo of the back. I had to pin the straps up because it was too big for me! Its meant for layering.

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, April 19

Rakuten Haul + 2 Outfits


My haul from Rakuten came!!
It was so quick ... Insane! Literally came the same week I ordered it from Osaka!! I ordered it on Sunday night and it came on Saturday morning. 

The webshop I ordered from is called GALSTAR. The prices are insanely cheap but shipping kills you. My order was 90 dollars with 55 dollar shipping+tax. DAMNNNNN!!!! I usually order this stuff with friends to save on shipping but they only had one  pair of heels left and I HAD TO GET THEM!!! 

I'm turning into such a shoe freak!!! So here are the stock photos of the stuff I got. I was too lazy to take photos of them HAHA!!


They had three colors and instead of going for black, I opted for this gunmetal gray. Its less harsh [and doesn't scream WHORE! as loud] .. Plus I don't have any shoes other than black ones!


I got this in Khaki. I was gonna go for the Black but they were sold out. Stuff gets sold out REALLY quickly at this store so I better watch out for good steals! I got Khaki because I know being the slob I am, the white is gonna have stains and the Gray doesn't pop out as much. I was really surprised because they printed the pattern on the inside so the outside has this cool faded look!


When I saw this I went YUCK! simply because the gray one  the model wore looked so cheesy and cheap. Then I saw they had other colors. I got this in white (its actually off white) and I love it! I didn't notice the leopard print back. I'm trying to get into colors more (can you tell?)


Okay I can't even review this one because THEY SENT ME THE WRONG PRODUCT. I tried to contact them to no avail (BOO CUSTOMER SERVICE)!! Its actually the same shirt but the inside is a skull (not too shabby!) instead of that red newspaper text thing. I tried it on today its SUPER THIN and its the type of fabric blend that pills rather quickly so I guess I can't do any rough housing with this shirt. The fit however, is superb! Its a medium [I wear a small in the US] and it fits loosely!


AHHH IM A SUCKER FOR SKULLS x STRIPES!! However, I think I regretted buying this one because I realize that I don't dress as kiddy as I used to dress and there's no real occasion to wear such bright print. It feels pretty costume-y to me but I think I can dress it down with some jeans or something!


I wore shorts with this and a leather jacket. It got too hot during cherry blossom weekend so I had to take the jacket off and I felt self conscious wearing such a bold shirt HAHA. It proves I'm getting older because before I used to wear crazy prints all the time and be fine with it.

 Showing off the choker! I love all my chokers to death but I can never find a shirt that matches the "choker" image [now I have one! LOL]

Hehe my tired face after working some mad busy shifts! My hair is growing longer and I'm loving it! Its so healthy as well!! No split ends!


The outfit from the first day! AWWW LOOK AT MY SAD PUPPY DOG EYES. Working Cherry Blossom definitely kills my feet and spirit!! But anyways, I'm so glad I got this in white instead of my usual black. It stands out so much more!


Outfit with it on! I really like how bold it is with pants. I just wish San Francisco was less freezing cold so I can wear skirts every once in a while (haha I'll keep dreaming!)

I'm sending a giant care package to my friend which includes like 20+ shirts. Shipping is gonna kill me -sad face- BUTT shes sending me cute stuff as well so stay tuned!

Until Next Time,

P.S. I PUT A NEW COMMENTING SYSTEM ON HERE!! [yay!] I usually reply to the longer comments so if I don't reply to your comment its because I'll end up saying Thank You too many times!! hehe

Saturday, April 16

Quick Update! Purikura, Cherry Blossom, & ETC.


HI THERE!! Just a quick update!! Cherry Blossom weekend is tomorrow again and I CANT WAIT to go to work!! This is a purikura from last week's session. I never took purikura with Shirley in our whole two years of working together!! She was so shocked when she saw me because I got darker than her.. and shes pretty dark! LOLOL...

Last week I also met one of my readers (bouncybrown). We finally got one photo that didn't completely fail. We seriously tried at least five times and ended up recording a bunch of videos on accident or got blurry photos. Shes so cute IRL & in photos too!! :3 :3 


I didn't tag anyone because I wanted everyone to do it!! & also I know how busy people get this time of year with finals coming up...

On the side note, I bought some stuff from Rakuten this week and its already in San Francisco! Shipping was more than a bitch but stay tuned for my awesome haul! I also got some of that food science DIY sushi stuff. I heard it tastes like crap but I mean I assumed so to begin with. I should stop splurging these days but I got a raise and I'm working more hours so I guess it evens out.

And yes some camwhore photos. I DLed a new app for my phone and I'm so in love with it! You can customize all your settings, filters, and more! Its like a mini photoshop haha. Now I don't even need to open photoshop for the lighting anymore. TBH I really hate the computer. It limits my productivity and I mean I love the idea of mobile social connectivity!

I'm wearing snob. ITS MY NEWEST ADDICTION HAHA!! I can't go without it!

 Until Next Time,


Sunday, April 10

Skin79 and Missha BB Cream Review + Shopping and Food

Before I get to my review and such, I'd like to introduce my BF's blog -->

I actually persuaded him to blog with me because [its a funny story actually] he complained that the only time I go on the internet is when I blog. He is always online checking his emails for business and newsites/stock market shit but for me, the internet is for either homework or blogging. I go online on my phone way more than on the computer. Most of the time I'm out anyways!

Us together (photo courtesy of STEPH)

So long story short, he made a blog so he could better connect with me (d'awwwwwww). CHECK OUT/FOLLOW HIS BLOG!! he will probably have more outfit photos, embarrassing photos of me, and even more food stuffs HAHAHA.

Anyways, Shirley gave me this BB cream recently! She bought it and it was way too light for her so she decided to give it to me since I gave her a Missha BB cream in NO.23 (the red one). 

Skin79's The Oriental Gold BB Cream

Many other bloggers actually raved about it on and on so I wanted to see what all the commotion was about. 

It comes with this lip/blush pop off that I really dont give two shits about. I mean, its nice for on the go and vacations but I honestly don't think I would pick this over my blush/lip color.

Photo with it on. 

My thoughts on this BB cream is that its really pasty. It has good coverage and goes on really thick so you only need one layer. As for application, it does not go on smooth at all. I have used this on my bad skin days and it was so bad. You could see it peeling off my face (not moisturizing!) If you deep exfoliate your skin, I think it should be fine. 

I know with the consistency, this BB cream will stay on for a long time. I've used many foundations and BB creams and I think this will be the one with the best staying power since its so pasty.

 Its pretty dew-y! Look at how dewy I look!
Note: This photo was taken in a dark place and does not show how light the color is IRL.

Color wise, this is actually WAYYY too light. I know some girls LOVE light skin but its really a stretch when your neck is a different color than your face. Trust me, I'm pretty damn pale even when I do tan. There isn't any greyish tint to it so if you are super albino light, this is the perfect shade. It gives a yellowish undertone which I adore!

Onto packaging. Whoever designed this tube should get fired immediately. The bottle is really big with a pump but no nozzle. So basically, you press the whole top portion down and the BB cream comes from the middle making the whole top of your BBcream disgusting and unsanitary if you don't clean it every single time. What a disappointment!

Score: 3/5 I can stay out of the sun for a while and this will be my perfect shade but I think the packaging really kills it. This is advertised for dry/combination skin but to be honest, I feel as though its made more so for oily skin. I assume so if you are extremely pale with combination to oily skin, this is the one for you!

 Next BB cream: Missha Watery BB Cream

I bought this one off of
They also have other cosmetics/clothing/circle lenses if you guys want to check it out!

I bought the shiny version of this which was supposedly "lighter" and after a while, I decided to get a darker version for in case I go crazy and want to be REALLY dark. I've read a bunch of reviews on it and almost all the reviewers have said this was SO DARK... be prepared to be disappointed because...

its not dark at all. When I swatched it on my hand, it appeared pretty dark but when I applied it onto my face it looked "normal" shade. I know nowadays most girls want the extreme, but for me I love this BB cream because it didn't lighten or darken my complexion. It actually ENHANCED my skin.

Here is a photo of me with it on. 

This is actually one of the best BB cream's I've used HANDS DOWN!  I can not rave enough about this. The shiny version I got was a bit lighter [probably two shades] and it went on pretty sticky. For this one, it GLIDES on. For the record, I have extremely dry skin so for something to glide on over my dry pores is something I wanna keep. There is a bit of shimmer to it but nothing to make you resemble a disco ball.

Score: 5/5 I seriously think this is the BEST FUCKING CREAM I've used. For the girls who don't want to be extremely pale, use this one. I can't say its for tan skin because its still relatively light IMO.

Outfit timeeee!!
Here is what I wore these past two days! 

 Me+Aaron went to get him a haircut yesterday and snapped this quick photo of my casual outfit. I love these boots because they open on the side and have these kickass straps/zipper. My shirt is a knit sweater that says GIVE ME LOVE ... no seriously I need it ): LOLOL jay kay. 

Me today getting a hotlink downtown after a long day at the Musem of Modern Art. I'm wearing a newspaper print tank!

After going to the MOMA, we stopped by H&M Wetseal & F21. My boyfriend offered to take me shopping [OMG DREAM COME TRUE] ... but unfortunately I didn't like anything except for these two shirts.

I got this one from H&M for 15 dollars. I'm really into abstract prints now! I've never been a fan of floral but abstract or abstract floral prints are really catching my eye. I LOVE the cut of this shirt. Its super short in the front and long in the back. Its also a racerback! This shirt isn't really my style but I just wanted to try some more playful colors/prints for spring/summer (HAHA my idea of playful is yellow and black...)

I've never been a BIG fan of Wetseal because it looks like the ugly clubgirl cousin of F21 but I decided to give it a shot since the last time I went I saw these acceptable leather jackets.  When I walked in I saw this cutest tank with lipstick kiss on it! I love anything with lip marks so I had to get it... 

Plus we have a dress code for the purikura store during Cherry Blossom which is THIS SHADE OF LIGHT PINK and I really don't have that much pink clothing. This shirt was 17 dollars NOT BAD... but not a steal either...


Aaron treated me out to Yu-Zen yesterday. Its really traditional Japanese food. Our other sushi places are usually fusion or catered towards Americans. It doesn't get more traditional than this!

 We had tenpura udon. TASTY. I don''t even like tenpura but this place is the shit. Nice and crispy without being overbearing.


Aaron doesn't eat salmon so thats why theres only two pieces. We had sake, hamachi, maguro, and spicy tuna rolls.

This place is so authentic that they had REAL WASABI! OMG! This is what real wasabi looks like [though I can taste they mixed the real wasabi with a bit of the squeeze tube version]! See the little dots?

This is the only place I can think of off the top of my head that actually has real wasabi. BTW, for those that don't know, sushi restaurants in America usually use package wasabi. Real wasabi is a root and the taste of it dissipates in 30 minutes after you grind it. Plus its extremely expensive.

For dinner we made this cucumber salad. It was so yummy but made my breath smell like garlic for the whole night!

Aaron with some Beard Papa creampuffs today! We actually had a hotlink + coldstones ice cream before this HAHA!

My cute little creampuff.

We went out to dinner but I didn't want to bore you guys with SO MUCH FOOD PRONS so here is a photo of our snack haul from Walgreens.

I'm so excited to go to work tomorrow! I've been extremely busy and I've actually read a bunch of blogs but didn't have the time to comment on them ; o ;!!! I'll be a lot less busy once midterms and Cherry Blossom Festival days are over

Until Next Time,