Wednesday, April 6

Food, Outfit, and Why I Use Flash

Theres been a lot of problems since I updated my URL. I think a lot of people who followed my blog before I updated it can not see my posts on their "Google Reader". If that is the case, please refollow me ): Sorry for the inconvenience! But anywho, this week has been fairly rough with midterms (again) and preparing for the Cherry Blossom festival at my work! I work at a purikura store and its the funnest place ever! 

Today, I would like to touch upon why I like flash on point and shoot cameras and when is the proper occasion to use it. I just felt the need to explain myself on why I hate natural lighting because I have been getting questions from my friends on what type of lighting I prefer.

Now I would like to explain why I use flash for all my photos. THIS PHOTO ABOVE is the reason. When I don't use flash, my features get so cartoony (especially with my make-up!) that it looks like I photoshopped the fuck out of it. I assure you, I do not photoshop anything other than the lighting on my photos. I actually got a lot of shit from it before (thus, I feel the need to explain myself). Sometimes I contemplate about photoshopping my eyes smaller so I can look more normal ): ... If you don't believe me you can look at my twitpics. I can't photoshop those since I update it with my phone. You can even look at my twitter to see which ones I've updated with my phone, and which ones I've updated via web. (I actually knew girls who used to post photos after they photoshopped the shit out of it onto twitter which totally defeats the point of using twitter). Anyways if you are still in disbelief, look up the exif data. 

The outfit I wore today. Pretty casual for school (thats not a scarf its a whole shirt btw! Pretty cool huh?) Now if i take photos outdoors, I prefer natural lighting a lot more... But given the option and a professional lighting crew, I would never use natural lighting... Unless I had a bunch of mirrors or reflectors.

A photo with flash. I think I look so much more normal here. (hehe red nose sniffles allergies) So overall what do I look like IRL? I actually look like neither photos. I look more inbetween the photo with flash and the photo with natural lighting.

Now when to use flash -- In a club (LOL),  at night, when there is sun behind you (VERY IMPORTANT), when you wear a shitload of make-up.

In short, if you don't have a lot of make-up on, do NOT use flash. If you have a crapload of make-up on, use flash. I will probably be uploading a tutorial later on about photography lighting (glamour, dramatic) on camera + off camera with a dSLR when this month is over -cries-.

Moving on, I have been eating out a lot lately! Here is some hipster food porn.

We got free salad at this European-Japanese restaurant!


My drink!

I got curry! It was so good but I was too fat. Could not finish.

Shirley got HAMBAGAHHH steak. Its just Japanese hamburger steak with toast + potatoes + etc.

Cherry blossoms near my work place

 Flowers for my deceased relatives. I took one home.

My dog being a BAMF

Went out to eat Pho today. Aaron's thai iced tea.

Papaya salad -- it tasted like shit.

Some spring rolls with our pho. 

I just felt the need to give a short update because I'm pretty sure I'm going to be so busy this month, my blog might feel a bit neglected.

BUTTT next time, I'm gonna update on my MAC haul my friend got me & some make-up goodies Shirley gave me! I love my friends :3

Until Next Time,


  1. Gosh I love your style !! U R so pretty >.<

    new follower here (^^)/ ~

  2. you know, I just don't remember what I gave you LOL (memory fail here.....) I am so noob.. but the salad looked delicious! Soup was good too though ^__^

  3. i like natural lighting myself because i find that flash makes my photos too yellow and when i photoshop, there's always this circle where it's brighter and the rest is just dark...that's just me though >< but i think you look so gorgeous in the first pic even though you don't like it!
    i love your style~ i totally thought that was a scarf lol

  4. thanks for the comment! I love the outfit you're wearing there :D The food also looks really delicious too!

  5. the food makes me hungry!! hihi sooo yummy!! ^^

  6. i love your style and I think on both photos you look normal~

  7. Zomg that's a top and not a scarf? That's so awesome o_O I luurve your style, even though personally I don't think it suits me >_<"
    About the taking-photos-in-flash thing, I think that it's perfectly fine taking photos with flash ^^

  8. Wow, flash use to get on my nerves a lot, but now that I'm reading this, maybe I wasn't doing it at the proper times. Hence why I try to use natural light now. So that tutorial will help a lot when you post about it! Thanks!

    Mm....I had a co-worker who used to make the best Papaya salad. I ended up going out and buying my own mortar and pestle and making it at home. And my mom fell in love with it, haha. You should try making it yourself too! :)

  9. firstly,i like ur style)
    secondly,everything looks so yummy except papaya salad x)
    and btw i don't like flash)i prefer natural light because my face looks so white and i always close my eyes when i use flash xD

  10. For a while I was wondering if you worked at the BTSSB store, that's awesome you get to work at the purikura store >< I'll have to visit you someday!!

    Eh, I'm just jealous how nice you look for only having to adjust lighting! It doesn't look photoshopped, but damn your skin looks flawless! But that's probably because it is hahaha Fuck the haters! Thank you for the tips, my boyfriend hates flash, so I never know when you're supposed to use it. I'd really appreciate a photography tutorial for sure! :D

    THAI TEAAAAAAAAAA <3 I need to learn how to make it *__*

    totally unrelated, but I just realized how shitty my eyesight is. I looked back at your giveaway and finally saw the top hat. I was like "....that's not a top hat, that's a head band...." *smacks self*

  11. as i'm not using make up most of the time flash KILLS me xDD but you're right, you're looking more natural with FLASH, haha

    thansk for sharing food porn ** but...CREAMY melon soda...? urgh, i can just imagine it to taste...strange xDDDD

  12. This is so helpful! I never knew to use flash when the sun is behind me! cant wait to try it out! ~Looking forward to more photography tutorials!!

  13. @Kiyomi WELCOME!! I love having new followers ; o ; ... it shows that people care -awkward laugh-

    @Shirley LOLOL YOU GAVE ME THE MAC lipstick + bb cream remember? I'm gonna buy a really dark bb cream so I can be tan... I'll tell you if its any good

    @EMI I think you look good with natural lighting! it really depends on the girl tbh. I like looking all doll-y but I think it looks really unnatural thats all (not that I'm going for natural anyways with my make-up HAHA)

    @Nic Nic I love reading your make-up blog :3 :3

    @Jendee I'm so sad whenever I look at photos of my food I get hungry... and then I eat take a photo and the cycle repeats itself over and over again

    @Lizzie LOL YAH I GOT IT FOR LIKE FIVE BUCKS IN HK.. I love illegal labor and cheap clothing. jay kay... except about the cheap clothing part. HAHA.

    @Charlene Flash really washes out your make-up so if you pile a bunch on like me, you have to use flash for it to appear more normal. PLUS! it makes your skin look so radient. OMG PUBLISH TUTORIAL ON HOW TO MAKES. I love papaya salad but can't get the sauce right

    @Japanese wife I've trained my eyes to not close (so bad! especially with circles) haha! I think most girls like natural lighting because it really softens their features but as for me, I LIKE IT ROUGH .... :3 :3 :3

    @Katie NOOOO I don't work at the btssb store but I did apply there a long time ago (LOL CAN YOU IMAGINE ME AS A RORITA) I'm really paranoid of people thinking I PS my photos because when I had a LJ there were a lot of mean comments on one of my entry


    clam chowder. except better. and not salty. and just...

    okay I'm not very good at advertising this LOL

    @Jean OMGOSH YEAH DO IT! People think flash is really bad all the time because they don't use it in the right circumstances. Obviously, people know to use it in the dark, but flash can be used as a filler light with another light source behind you. It makes you look a lot better ... I wish point and shoots had an option of "toning down" the flash. I think newer models do now (I just use my phone camera for all my photos now)

  14. I don't think you need to explain yourself at all.. People will talk shit all they can for as long as they think, people would wanna hear it. You look GORGEOUS regardless.. I've seen a LOT of your photos, and I think you look amazing!
    I've been accused of photo shopping my 'makeup-less face'-photos tons of times, and some of my photos MAY look photoshopped.. The only thing I photoshop is that I sometimes use sharpen, if the sunlight washes out lines and hair structure etc.

    Anyway.. I freaking LOVE your ootd! *_* the lighting is perfect in that shot btw! How tall are you? D: you're so cute! -ruffles hair- Hahah! You gotta teach me how you do your makeup.. it looks so awesome!

  15. (So confused, thought I already added your new site... Oh well)

    Anyway, great flash tips, I had no idea that flash is important when the sun is behind you... Now I gotta check that out next time I take pictures!

  16. People can be straight up assholes on LJ. :( It can be just like Gaia, ughh.

    I can't even imagine what kind of qualifications you'd need to work at BTSSB.... for starters, your legal name would probably have to be some sort of fruit, perhaps. :P

    I forgot to comment on the melon soda <33 I don't really like carbonated drinks, but Asian sodas are SO goooooood! Have you tried Milkis? It's Korean, very yummy :D I should bring some with me to SF sometime maybe? ;)

  17. I need your contacts~ Always so jealous when I see them
    I hope Im not experiencing the same problem since i updated my URL as well. :/

    Your post made me hungry v.v

  18. I personally think you look great in both photos. Super dolly features to the point where you look animated is kind of my thing though so I'm biased. ._.

    Really like the shirt btw. <3 Looking forward to seeing the MAC goodies :D

  19. You look beautiful babe. Love you!

  20. wonderful photos <3 you're so pretty!! i love your outfit, your hair and your make up!!! and the food looks delicious, it making hungry actually haha!!

  21. You look beautiful babe. Love you!

  22. firstly,i like ur style)
    secondly,everything looks so yummy except papaya salad x)
    and btw i don't like flash)i prefer natural light because my face looks so white and i always close my eyes when i use flash xD