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HAI GUYS!! I havent blogged as usual because I've been playing portal2 all week! I wanted to do a review on portal2 but I think I'm gonna finish co-op with my hunny before I do <3. So instead of writing a review, I decided to do a crazy cyber tutorial! Haha I really love rave music (everything except... happy hardcore yuck yuck) and I think hardcore cyber style is so cute... but not really suitable for real raving because you will feel so uncomfortable with all this crap on that you can't enjoy your time. Plus if you aren't sober I'm pretty sure you are gonna leave parts of your hair in various places and wake up with your nice clothing damaged.

I really admire the people that do this style at real raves! I think this is more for industrial clubbing. 


So this tutorial is really simple. I made it five steps.  I used this NYX palette. its okay but kind of harsh on your eyes cuz its GIANT CHUNKS OF GLITTERRRRRR!!!

Step 1: APPLY PRIMER <-- VERY IMPORTANT. If you don't prime your eyes, since this is a cheap gel shadow, I'm pretty sure your make-up is gonna melt off your face


Step 2: Apply turquoise over your whole lid. Do not be afraid to use a lot. You will need a lot for it to show up. You can also use any other color you like but the important thing is to make sure its super shiny... Like you can reflect light off your eyes and bounce it onto a mirror that sort of thin.

**I know you are suppose to put glitter AFTER shadow but this is a very creamy gel and if you put the glitter after the shadow, its going to wash out the black and not go where you want it to. You want it DARKKK [see next step]


Step 3: Use a very very dark black and apply it ONLY over your crease. Blend it out. You don't really want to make it look "muddy" so make sure you have a nice brush to do this. Also, make the black significantly darker at the crease and lighter going out.


Step 4: Line your eyes using a waterproof liquid eyeliner. 

Step 5: Apply eyelashes+mascara. Make sure you apply your top lashes way higher than you normally would. This would make your eyes SUPER big. And droop your lower lashes lower than you normally would. BLING BLING EYESSSSS!!!

Oh yeah and wear a nice wig + dreads + cyber accessories. This make-up looks disgusting if you have a natural hair color (brown, gold blonde, etc) . It actually makes you look like a cheap whore... not the cute kind either. So make sure you get some sort of platnium blonde crazy wig or black wig or red wig... just make sure its not a natural hair color.

I chose a black wig because I sort of miss how I look with black hair. Yay/nay?? I think I look totally different!! Do I look legit?

Looking down so you can see the blending of the crease. Its actually a lot darker IRL. 

I always see those cyber girls do that crazy looking away pose and half smiling so I attempted to do so. I don't think I was very successful but I do think I look crazy enough 8D

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