Sunday, April 3

Super Dramatic Make-up Tutorial

A photo of what you`ll get after my tutorial! LOL.

Okay, so I don't think I've ever said it but my favorite model is Sakurina. Why? Because she looks like a sexy ass alien and that is what I aspire to be: SEXY FUCKING ALIEN. I actually do my everyday make-up pretty similar to the way she does it I decided to do a simple tutorial on how to achieve that big alien eye.

A lot of people have been asking me to do a tutorial on my make-up I made one instead of my usual nerd post on Sundays! This is my "everyday" makeup (3-5 days out of the week). Now I don't think this look is good everyday for a lot of people because its pretty dramatic so maybe some of you guys would like to reserve this look for a night out.

Here is a not very good, but exceptionally funny photo of me (with men's underwear on my head) without make-up to compare.

I skipped a lot of elementary, self-explanatory steps in the photos because I think its more important to show the process quicker rather than showing a bunch of in between steps. 

Step 1: So first off, prime your eyes.

Step 2: After priming your eyes apply eyeshadow like shown. You want a smooth gradient so blend well! In this tutorial I used my Visee Blackish Forming Eyes palette.

Here is a photo of my eye without my drawn on directions. If there is fall out, don't worry about it because we can clean that up later! 

Step 2.5: This is an optional step but I enjoy a lot of sparkles so I use some glitter all over my eye. Sometimes I will use Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Liner in Glam Rock. I dab it gently and sparingly on my eye (more concentrated on the highlight & inner corners). Other times I'll just use some loose glitter and pat it on.

Step 3: Line your eyes! Here, I used Kate's Gel Liner which is a good consistancy between pencil and liquid. Note: You do NOT want to line the bottom of your eye with liquid liner for this tutorial because its TOO DARK which makes the make-up look less enticing and less feminine. If you don't have gel liner use liquid for the top and pencil for the bottom.

You want to line the bottom of your eye so its thinner near the inner corner and gradually thicken it. Don't worry about it being "too thick" because thats' how you blend your eyelashes in. During the day, the eyeliner should fade a bit to the perfect consistency.

Step 4: Apply mascara. I used Dejavu's Fiberwig Mascara. Sometimes I`ll use Kate's ontop of Dejavu's for extra oomph! Apply more mascara on the inner corner of your bottom lash because you want your lower lashes to "blend in". It looks fake (in the bad way) when its really obvious where your bottom lashes start.

Step 5: Apply your bottom lashes. When I have dramatic bottom lashes, I apply those first because its hard to get them in place. After applying your bottom lashes, put more mascara to blend them out. IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE DARK COLORED EYELASH GLUE FOR YOUR BOTTOM LASHES. Its so easy to mess up and get weird clumps of black eyelash glue across your face ):!!! Also, when it dries it looks too dark, making a less feminine eye. Try to find lashes with an invisable band for the bottom. I used Diamond Lashes here.

Step 6: Apply your top lashes and you are done! Its important to pick lashes that are both thick and long with varying-length "tips". I used Diamond Lash for my top ones as well but I used to get the same effect by layering my eyelashes.

Here is a photo of the side to show how my lower lashes "blend" with the fake ones.

The finished look on me! I complete this look by using a nude lipstick because I really want to emphasize my eyes. Having any color lipstick would draw attention from your eyes.

A front view of how it looks. 

I hope this tutorial answered any questions you guys have about my make-up. This style is pretty simple... It usually takes me 15-20 minutes to do my full face make-up and 30 minutes when I want to look especially good. I'm the type of girl who doesn't like to experiment TOO much so when I think I look good with this style, I stick to it.

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  1. I love your eye looks D: they're so pretty! AND THE LENSES <3 Love 'em!

  2. Wow, this is great! :D
    I hardly ever do dramatic makeup! But I cosplay, and I think this tutorial is going to help me out a lot!
    Thanks ♥

  3. Thank you for the tutorial! (*^_^*) I remember in another post I saw your make-up and really wanted to try it out! This really helps :)
    ~Kawaii Kiki

  4. Awesome tutorial! I'd love to try this out tehe :D Thanks so much! ^^

  5. @Nani OMG I feel so flattered <3 <3 WHEN ARE YOU GONNA HAS NEW BLOG SO I CAN COMMENT BACK ; o ; tear tear

    @Sachie OH YOU SHOULD TOTALLY TRY THIS PHOTO. it really shows up in photos! it might be too much IRL [I like it regardless] but in photos its perfect!

    @Kiki oh yeah I hope my tutorial explained enough. Video tutorials are better but I don't has webcam and my bf refuses to help me record any more tutorial videos. Plus, I don't like to sit and go through a whole video. I'm too impatient when I watch videos so I thought photos would be good enough? :3


  6. Hahaha, I just made a new entry ; D COMMENT AWAYYYY, hun! <3 Hahah! BTW, I also tagged you! D: plz do tag! nomnom! XD <3

  7. @Nani OMG I HAVENT GOTTEN TAGGED BEFORE. I R EXCITED TO DO THIS... and you guys can all see my horrible handwriting ; o ; LOL this is seriously exciting because ppl get tagged but I'm always left out - w - okay time to rape your entry with my comments!

  8. Hahaha, YOU BETTER DO IT! ; D or I shall wh00p you with broom stick! -threatens- Hahaha! I know that feeling too! D: but I got tagged for 3 posts this past week's time.. so weird XD haha! -tags Mint for everything-

    about the Photo Ready. It's KINDA growing on me, but it has SO much shimmer. If you go close in bright light, you can REALLY tell that there are tons of shimmers in it. When u pump it onto your hand you can't see it - but when it sets on your face, it's SO sparkly and crazy. If you step back from your mirror, it just looks dewy, but up close it's SHIMMERY. Like BAMMMM SHIMMER PARTY. >_<" I haven't tried it with my MSF Natural though.. maybe it'll eliminate some of that shimmer-shimmerrr..

  9. UGH I hate that it's shimmery.. it makes the pores on my cheeks look big D:
    No, it doesn't feel heavy or clogging.. If you want a good light-weight foundation, you should try out (my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!) Revlon ColorStay Active : D It's not clogging, it's super light, leaves a nice dewy finish and it looks like skin : D Absolutely love it!
    HAHAHA, you're like a drag queen in a woman's body ; D Luckyyy youuu~ Haha <3

  10. thank you for this! you look absolutely stunning♥

  11. Are the lower lashes the one I gave you? I haven't tried out my spikier diamond lash lowers yet sooooo I must seeeee! Berrrry gewd photo-tutorial :D

  12. Super pretty look! love your eye make up~~^^
    thanks for the tutorial <3

  13. @elisa thanks :)

    @emi I can't wait to see your new camera!!

    @Shirley yessss!! I I actually thought they were too much but they look nice. I don't like how stiff they look though :(

    @jendee thank you :3

  14. fun tutorial! Just wondering though... how long does it take you to do your make-up everyday? It would take me forever to put on fake eyelashes, that's why I hate putting them on when it's for special occassions. haha!

  15. @Val oh it takes me fifteen minutes when I'm in a rush. When I take my time probably 20-30. I rarely take over 30 minutes because I just wanna GET IT DONE ]: I think the scary part is that... my make-up stays for like 10 hoursss ...

  16. Thanks for showing us this tutorial ♥ love your eye make-up!

  17. love the tutorial ,thankyou! =D

  18. Yayyy I was hoping for a tutorial :))) I love it ><
    if I had to guess, Sakurina would've been my immediate thought haha. She's a goddess, I love her. I guess you're used to it by now, but it seems like those lashes would be so heavy! :o

    Gah, I wish I can grow out my nails, but they're so weak and flimsy so I have to use extensions haha. Oh well, I'll just have to learn how to use the forms :)

  19. This is awesome! Love this tutorial! :D

  20. Underwear head :D

    Speaking of not using dark colored eyelash glue for bottom lashes, I learned that the hard way some bit ago with the darktone DUO. rofl

    OMFG, only 30 minutes max for your full face make up usually? I wonder why I take so long on mine. At least 1 hr, haha. When I make it dramatic anyways.

    Needless to say, I love the end results as always <3

  21. Nice tutorial ^ ^ Thanks for sharing :)

    Pretty eyes !!! good job :)

  22. @Mutsumi THANKSS :3 I hope it showed enough

    @Leeminha thank you :3

    @Katie I LOVE SAKURINAAA. no those lashes aren't heavy at all! I actually hate flimsy lashes... and i cant get used to lashes that aren't stiff! THEY FEEL SO WEIRD!

    doing forms is pretty hard imo.. ESPECIALLY LEFT HAND DOING IT ON RIGHT HAND!!

    @bouncybrown omgosh thankss :3

    @alice i like having mens underwear on my head. what can i say? oh i have crazy asian dad who doesnt let me wear make up so in high school i used to do my makeup in the car ... very quick! i dont mess around when i do make-up >:D

    @yesha thank you so much!

  23. omg amazing make up!! your lashes are insane!! i love them and want them <3