Sunday, July 31


YAY SELLING MY WARDROBE! (full of 6%, listen flavor, russ-k & other stuff) Alright since I'm crazy, I decided that everything I sell must look as good as it is IRL so I just spent like five hours taking photos of my stuff for you guys! And this isn't even all of it! Theres minimum photoshop on these photos so what you see is what you get!

Everything listed in this section is 15dollars shipped to the US. Comment below to buy it! This does not include tracking. If you want tracking please, comment me for the price.

For every additional item, take two dollars off (15+15-2=28 for two items)

If you are international, tack on 13.95 dollars to the total (you get tracking!) or I can weigh the items and figure out how much first class shipping would be

I only accept paypal :)

 Everything in this section is 25 dollars shipped. For each additional item, please take 2 dollars off.

Here are a few items that I didn't have time to take photos of but took the stock photos BWAHAHA. Each thing is 20 dollars shipped. These items I barely wore (like once or twice)

(pink item)

 Black + Pink one (bottom left hand side)
Black + Pink one

Thursday, July 28

Accessory Shopping, Headwrap, & Feather Earrings

Alright, trying to update as much as I can! So I've heard from a friend (anzfalcon) that my photos are circulating around tumblr. My friend suggested that I start watermarking my images but I think thats a bit too much. First of all, I think the watermark ruins the photo no matter how nice it is. And secondly, I kind of don't mind my photos going around the web. But if you guys do use my photos link back to my blog? :B Thats more than enough for me! 

I'm trying different styles lately and I'm starting to really like headwraps. First off, I can hide my roots (not that I need to I just dyed my hair! but for the future haha) and secondly, it looks so edgy. My boyfriend wasn't too fond of it. I don't think most guys would enjoy it as I've come to realize that the male species likes simplicity. Aside from the headwrap, I've really been getting into feather earrings as I mentioned in the last post. So I paired this combo up and it looks quite nice in my opinion!

I wore this to go shopping IN REAL LIFE. How strange of me! haha. But yes, I bought this really cool distressed shirt for 6.50 tax included. I find such great things while shopping! And a bunch of accessories from f21. I think everything I bought was under 25 dollars total including the scarf & earrings.

Excited for tomorrow! I'm going to be seeing one of my favorite artists (Porter Robinson. Check out his music!)! Aside from the fact that its at a club, and I'm not really a club-y person, I'm uberrrr excited!

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, July 27

PA (dear laura) Nailpolish Haul

My computer is fixed! So I'm gonna try to catch up on all my entries. As some of you guys might know, I've been going nuts over PA nailpolish. Mostly because they are on sale at my Japanese dollar store and selling for 1.50-2.50 each! What a steal! So I stocked up on some random colors since I have decided to abandon gel once and for all. Its just way too damaging on my nails and I dread doing them. 

I bought (from left to right) Pa's nailpack, nail oil, repair liquid, nailpolish in AA21, AA32, AA17, Q23, Eternal Neo Romantic Nudy in ENO802. I'll write a quick review on my thoughts on these polishes.

The nailpack was the most interesting one. I bought it without knowing what it really was. Its actually a facial... for your nails... Oh the weird and ingenius ideas Japanese people come up with. It kind of works but is really hard to peel off. Also, I'm not sure how many times I'll actually do this but its so interesting that I bought one for my giveaway! Nail oil, pretty self explanatory. Nothing special here.

Repair Liquid. Boy was I shocked with this one!! Do you ever feel extremely pissed off to the point where you would throw babies out the window cuz you scratched your nail after waiting 30 minutes for it to dry (I kid, I care for the safety of your children so please don't toss them around). Well now you can repair your nails after you scratch them! This works pretty well if your nails aren't almost dry yet. I put a few dabs ontop and smooth it out! VOILA. NO MORE SCRATCHY NAILS! HOW COME NO ONE THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE?!?

Ignore the horrible manicure job. I did these really quick just for the photo haha! My teacher always told me its okay to color outside the lines anyways! I'll review the colors from left to right on my hand. AA17 is a pretty pink. Its very bright and shiny at the same time! It doesn't look that cute in the box but it looks amazing on my nails. This photo does it no justice. AA32 looks extremely ugly in the box and I hesitated for a good while before I bought it and thank god I caved in! Its this beautiful holographic clear nailpolish. It gives the right amount of pizazz with large oval sparkles. Q23 might just be my favorite. It goes on peachy, milky nude. I love it sooo much! The nailpolish in AA21 is an intense deep purple but don't be fooled!. It goes on sheer. You can layer it for a really dark effect. I bought another one of these for my giveaway. Eternal Neo Romantic Nudy in ENO802 is a more golden nude. It has a bit of metallic shine to it but not too much so that it looks hookerish.

What my nails look like now. I used the Eternal Neo Romantic Nudy in ENO802 as the base, then Q23 on the bottom and to top it off some sparkles (AA32). I really wish that PA made names for these things instead of numbers and letters. Overall I really like the quality of this nailpolish. Its quick to dry and the size is just right. I hate giant things because I can never use it up. However, I have to admit that applying the polish is a bit difficult especially controlling the brush. That thing is tinyyyyyyy!!

Alright teaser for the one of the next entries. Feather earrings and other gypsy-like jewelry I just bought! I'm so happy that I've reached over 500 subscribers in such a short period of time! I already bought everything for the giveaway... now I just have to wait for it to come!

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, July 20

E.L.F. Haul & Diamond Lash (Sexy) Review

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Two consecutive posts?!? I'm trying to make-up for my lack of updates :B I'm wearing my el cheapo E.L.F. Brightening Eye Color in Brownstone, Eyebrow Lifter/Filler in Ivory, Natural Nymph Mineral Lipstick, & Diamond Lash in Sexy Eye in this photo

So my haul came the other day and as promised, a quick review! So I got from E.L.F. Brightening Eye Color in Brownstone & Ethereal (I bought three Ethereals for my friends/family), Golden Glitz Glitter Gloss, an Eyebrow Lifter/Filler in Ivory (light), Natural Nymph Mineral Lipstick, a small hand sanitizer, and a tinted spf15 moisturizer for my mum. All of this was 15 dollars shipped after their 60% off deal. WHAT A SNAG!

  Eyebrow Lifter/Filler in Ivory
I was really lazy to bring my Urban Decay Eyebrow kit out everyday especially because its hard to mix the colors to make a consistent shade so I opted for this. It was cheap anyways. I wasn't expecting much but boy I really like this! Its very soft and it stays on for a good amount of the day. I have really dry skin though so thats probably why. I don't really use the "lift" side that much but its a nice touch. Plus it comes with a built in sharpener. 
Score: 4/5

Brightening Eye Color in Brownstone
I got brownstone because I really really like ashy browns. Especially matte ashy browns. First off, the colors were very nice and pigmented. Kind of too soft but thats how E.L.F.'s shadows are anyways. The applicator is pure shit. Its very hard to get a nice sponge applicator but this one was so stiff, it dragged across my eye. I mean what can you expect for something so cheap though? Overall taking price into consideration (uhhh one dollar can it get any cheaper?!?) I would give this ...
Score: 4/5


Golden Glitz Studio Glitter Gloss
I don't know what I was thinking when I got this. Maybe it was a secret desire of mine to be a vegas stripper. I don't know, you tell me. This gloss is so flipping shiny. in the bad way. It felt I was eating chunks of glitter. I mean its a nice shade on my hand but on my lips.... Its questionable. I really need to layer this 
Score: 2.5/5

Natural Nymph Mineral Lipstick
BAWWW MY FAV LIPSTICK. I forgot how pale it is! I think mixing this+a tinted lipgloss would give you the perfect lips for pale skin. Be careful if you are a bit tan or its gonna wash you out. Still, I love it so muchhh
Score: 5/5


Diamond Lash in Sexy Eye
When I first tried these lashes on, I could fit these whole lashes without trimming the edge. But then I noticed that it made that kind of droopy eye effect so I cut a bit off the edge and ended up cutting too much. It still looks nice but now it feels too short hmph ): I like these lashes but I wish the ends were a bit more feathery. Its definitely dramatic and I love the contrast but I feel as though there should have some more short strands near the end. 
Score: 4/5

Tuesday, July 19

Rakuten/Etc Haul + New Video

So as some of you guys might have known from my excessive tweeting, my power supply is dead. Which is why I haven't been blogging because I had like an epic food post but the photos were on my computer. Anyways, this Friday was my workplace's masquerade and here is a photo of my costume. I was a fairy but you can't really see my wings! Aside from that I've been compulsively shopping whenever I don't have a computer.

So here is some food porn & stuff I bought recently. Don't worry theres way more. I bought stuff from Rakuten because I really wanted a new light coat. Then I wanted to buy 5000yen worth to get my 1000yen point so I bought some random stuff. My shoes were too small so I filled them with ice.

Anyways I made a new epic food video so please watch it and enjoy!! I don't really like the lashes because they are too sparse and I'm too lazy to layer. I don't even know why I bought them, maybe because they were so cheap but I plan on doing another giveaway when I hit 500 soon so I'll just buy a lot of other stuff and give them away :B! I just got a bunch of ELF stuff on sale & Diamond Lash in Sexy eye so I'll review those soon!

Until Next Time,

Thursday, July 7

EOS Candy Eye Circle Lens & Revlon's Soft Nude Review

Long time since I wrote a review about anything.. Well mostly because I've been having so many new ideas for filming. I shop a lot so I try to test out my products for at least two-three weeks before I write a review on it.

OKAY I HAVE TO SAY THIS BEFORE MY REVIEW... IS IT JUST ME OR DO CAMERA PHONE IMAGES MAKE YOU LOOK 1000X BETTER LOOKING? Or even point and shoot cameras. I've been testing lighting on camera and on my beauty dish.... It is extremely hard to light my face without making me look doughtastic (flattened features, etc.) I think I look so much more "realistic" on camera and in cell phone photos. IDK if its only me or do other people notice this too? Anyways, onto the reviews...

I got this because Canmake's melty nude lipstick wasn't cutting it for me anymore. Under certain light conditions it looks more pale pink nude than a true nude. I was looking for a cheap alternative when I stumbled upon this! It was buy one get one half off at Walgreens and I needed a new Revlon liquid eyeliner (I highly recommend it. That shit stays on your skin forever) so I picked this up along the way.

Here is a swatch of it on my skin. This is a really bad nude for pale skin tones. Its way too orangey and not pigmented enough. I had to pack that shit on for it to show up on my skin. And I say shit because, it is... shit. Its a really bad nude. I'm sure for darker skin tones, this might be a bit better but that horrid orange undertone.... Overall I would give it a 2 out of 5 stars. One star for being half off and another one for having nice packaging.

After I got this I immediately went on ELF's website and bought three natural nymphs. It is still the best and cheapest nude I've ever used.

Next up, I bought new circles because I needed a new brown. I opted for these EOS Candy Series lens because I thought it would make me look dolly. I think dolly is an understatement. These make me look like I'm straight up on drugs. I enjoy the effect quite a lot since I think I look rather dashing being a drugged up possessed vampire-esque being. These are actually my new favorite lens. Even my boyfriend was all "damn you look amazing!" ... but I think that's because he secretly enjoys the drugged up possessed vampire niche. 

Also, I'm doing way more natural lashes/shadows now. I'm wearing Diamond Lash's fairy eye which I have been bashing for around a year now and I have to say, not bad with layers of mascara.

Here is a photo of me my badass contacts on and that horrid Revlon lipstick. Comfort wise, they are actually quite drying. I mean I don't mind since I've worn circles for like 16 hours at a time without eye drops (LOL IM GONNA BE BLIND SOON) but for most normal people, definitely expect a bit of discomfort. This was my first time wearing them and I could feel them sticking to my eye after 6-8 hours. You aren't supposed to wear them for that long anyways so myeh.

Until Next Time,