Sunday, January 30


Soooooo!!... I've been gone for a long time!

Its actually because I had finals, then I got extremely sick, then I went to Japan (still extremely sick), HongKong (a bit better), and back to America! -- where I got sick again. So before I edit all my photos from Japan and HongKong, I am going to upload a bit of a teaser of SOME of the things I bought and food porn from when I came back!! Enjoyyyy!!!

These were from my new Lollipop phone. I wanted to buy it but after buying the shitastic Ice Cream, I really didnt care for the Lollipop. So far, its pretty good (aside from the battery life -- 3 hours of talk time. wtf is that) 

OH hai baabeee <3

 Ahi Tuna Salad

My FAVORITEEE!! Lentil Soup

Chicken Kebob? ...

 Mexican Tacos


 I cooked this for Aaron when we came back

We tried a new restaurant and it was suprisingly good! I had Ceviche (the portions were quite small)

He had a Ahi tuna wasabi sandwich! It was all so delicious

 And this is our early Chinese New Year dinner. That is abalone by the way :D

So for this new year, I decided to do natural make up more often [not smearing black all over] because its too harsh for everyday. I still wear crazy long eyelashes though ... hehe

Here is another photo of my natural make up

Since I love Aarons armour ring and I hate the Vivienne armor ring, I decided to buy an offbrand one in Japan! It has crystals in it and was only 1000yen.

 This bling bling necklace was only 315yen!!

 Aaron won me this rilakkuma mat at Jumping Gym in HK! We won so much rilakkuma stuff after spending 100 USD ; o ;...

I have to say, these lashes dont show up at all. I dont understand what the big deal is ... Maybe its my abnormally big eyes because I really cant see them even with mascara ; o ;

One out of five pairs of shoes I bought in Japan/HK. This was is definitely the one that stands out the most ... and also the one that hurts like a bitch ):

And speaking of blingbling, My friend recently bought me a blingbling pen. Little did she know I already had one! But its nice to have more bling in my life

 So what is your New Years resolution? Mine is to quit smoking and worry more about my skin. Because Ive been so stressed lately about the magazine and vacation, my skin has gone to shit. Its not so bad where I'm erupting like a volcano but my pores are more visible and my wrinkles have increased. So instead of spending all my money on cigarettes, I'm going to spend it on home facial masks. Besides, its very selfish to ask Aaron to wait for me while I smoke. Its also not cute at all ; o ; ...

btw, do you guys prefer these ghetto cell phone picture updates or updates with nicer DSLR photos?

Until Next Time,