Sunday, February 24

The DIY Ringlight

Just the  cheapest DIY ringlight-hack ever!! Total cost? Like ten dollars.


Ring-lights instantly turn a "blah" photo into something much more. In comparison to harsh, direct lighting, ring-lights give subjects an almost angelic glow. Unfortunately, these little fuckers are expensive and cumbersome. So here I have... TADA! The cheapest macro photography ringlight

Materials Needed:
Christmas Lights (battery operated if you want it portable, LED preferred)
Wire hanger

Simply bend the wire hanger into an O-shape and wrap the Christmas lights around. Bigger bulbs such as G12 ones will result in a brighter, more effective ring-light!

These lights are best for macro photography but they will also produce beautiful results when taking photos of small pets, delicious foods, jewelry, makeup, etc! When you are done, you can easily store your ring-light by hanging it in the closet. If you want to be a bit craftier, you can bend the hanger into any shape you want. Heart-light, anyone?

Until Next Time,