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Make Your Iphone Photos Suck Less -- The apps I use

If you are reading this, your iPhone photos probably suck. LOL JK. Okay, maybe they don't but you are just really interested in what apps I use. Not gonna be modest at all, I am godly at editing iPhone photos. I've always really liked taking something that looks like a piece of shit (like a ghetto camera photo), then making it look a bajillion times better. Now before we get started I want to cover some basics. This isn't a tutorial on how to make yourself look like a model or a list of apps shrinks your belly and elongates your nose. I can't fix that, sorry. Also, to get a good photo you first need a good composition... which usually means you have to use the good side of your camera and not the camwhore side. Yeah yeah, sucks but the inside camera has SO MUCH NOISE, that it is virtually impossible to make anything look decent. Anyways, now that we've gotten the introduction over with I'll let you know my favorite apps, and some apps I used to use that suck.

1. Big Lens

I don't use this app as much anymore (though writing this tutorial I have a newfound appreciation for it) because there are actually a lot of problems with the control of bokeh. Its fairly easy to use and what you do is "mask" the area you want to be sharp. The cool thing about this app is that you can choose what type of bokeh you want and the aperture. Be careful though because anything after 2.8 is extremely artificial looking. Its actually quite fricking hard to use this app because you have to take a long time to mask everything perfectly. Also, to get a lot of bokeh, you need a lot of contrast in the background (lights and darks especially). However, this app is probably the best bokeh app out there because its not placing a photo screened ontop of your photo.


(before & after)

2. Phoster

SWEET JESUS THIS APP IS AMAZING. I rarely use it since I don't have anyone to send all these cool posters to but this is seriously the height of hipster-dom. The typography and graphics are flipping awesome to say the least. Make all your photos look like a band poster or art show opening poster. The only problem I have is that it is hard to customize where the text goes. But all in all this is great for sending out invitations. You can customize what type of paper its "printed" on as well and you know that coffee stain adds so much authenticity to your poster.


3. 樂画Cute

This is the king of purikura apps. I'm not a fan of most purikura apps because they have this artificial look to them. Maybe it's because I've worked at a purikura store for three and a half years, but I want the REAL DEAL... and trust me this is the real deal. There are rolling stamps, pens, regular stamps, engrish phrases, EVERYTHING! Even the opacity and glow of certain stamps are PERFECT. The only bad part of this app is that it lags and is generally slow at saving. But maybe, I'm just impatient. It is a bit pricey and the first pack you get kind of sucks but well worth the money in my book.

4. Picfx

Last app is the really lazy fake bokeh app. The filters on this are a hit and miss but... mostly a miss but I use this app solely for the bokeh when I'm uber lazy. What is horrible is that this app crops all your photos to a square. I'm guessing its made for instagram but come on... Simplest App to use, shitty filters, great bokeh. There's also these galaxy filters that I was jizzing my pants over before I realized that they gave a disgusting contrast to everything
end result

Apps that I used to think were good but actually suck and why you should stop using them

1.  美图秀秀

Okay I used to think this app was the shit. And maybe it was in the past but times have changed. The problem I have with this app is aside for the fact that ITS IN CHINESE is that the quality of your image after saving is disgusting. Yeah you get a few cool filters but any app that doesn't save as a high quality image is an instant delete for me.

2. iDarkroom

OH GOD EVERYTHING IS FUCKING WRONG WITH THIS APP. EVERYTHING. its unintuitive to use and all the filters are disgusting. I was conned into buying this app after seeing all the bokeh but NO. There is only one good bokeh and everything else turns you green or some other disgusting shade (see photo)

3. Camera+

Okay this app shouldn't really be on the list because it is still REALLY good but... the UI is very unintuitive. After the upgrade, I had to spend a week fumbling and relearning how to use it. Also, there's not enough freedom for customization.

And now I will show you a save by save instances on how I edit my photos and a few outcomes.

If you guys have any other apps you wanna share with me, comment or tweet!

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