Tuesday, November 1

Cheapo Buys: Daiso & E.L.F. Mini Haul

Outfit photo! So for some reason, I've been getting really really bad eye infections lately. Therefore, no photos or going out or generally having fun for quite some time! But anyways, enjoy my Sexy Dynamite London shirt with two girls getting it on (haha!!)  And my all-time favorite kickass boots are making a comeback! After promising myself that I'd bring them to the shoe shop, I finally did and.. Did I mention how awesome they came out? I didn't even recognize them! I went in for a heel replacement and they completely fixed the scratched off leather parts!!

Awww yeah some cheap buys from Daiso. I think the best buys were the furry socks and earmuffs. When in doubt, always go for the fur! The socks feel as though I'm squishing my sore and tired feet on a newborn baby's behind (not that I would do that in real life) and the earmuffs surprisingly go with almost everything... Almost!!

Some things I bought from Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.) For some reason I've been feeling like a crazy orange coral lady lately and I've been trying to find a cheap orange lipstick. Cheap being I'm sure this orange phase won't last and I'll be stuck with an assortment of very expensive orange lip colors. Here I bought  Nailpolish in Mango Madness, Bubblegum Pink, Teal Blue, Lipstick in Captivating & Seductive, Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder, Blush in Candid Coral, Studio Matte Lip Color in Coral.

I've reached the conclusion that their regular lipsticks are pure shit. Aside from tasting quite sweet, It just feels... cheap. Kind of like those lipsticks you buy as a child. I'm not one of those crazy ladies on T.V. that obsessively eats lipstick so no brownie points on taste and def. not gonna repurchase. Also, the colors on the lipsticks never match the site because I'm sure E.L.F. photoshops the same lipstick multiple colors.

Their blushes are the things you should look out for! They are pretty sheer but can be pigmented when packed on. The blush color in the bronzer blush combo actually looks like a dupe of NARS orgasm and I prefer it to orgasm :) Also, that matte lip color is def. my "my lips but better" lipstick as of now.

LONG STORY SHORT. Dont buy the cheapo lipsticks, and go for the blush! At 3 dollars a pop, you can't lose. Next up will be badass jewelry & an updated  awww yeahhh!!!

Until Next Time,