Monday, June 27

Unpublished Look + NEW VIDEO + Food

So I was planning on my look for my next YT video since I got so much positive feedback on my current one... and I totally failed haha. Here is a photo to document what will never be seen on camera! You can barely see the purple here but trust me... its loud and proud.I had to switch up my look and here is the outcome -- > MAH VIDEO!! It took forever to film (two days & 7 hours to edit) I'm getting better at editing. If you guys thought my last video was epic... this one is even more epic.  


Here are some production stills from the video TEAASERRRRSSS

Anyways I feel so sad for the lack of updates (ESPECIALLY THE FOOD!!) ... but I hope that my videos will make up for it in the long run! Here is some of the yummy food I ate recently: pad kee mao, papaya salad, fruit tart, & an eclair.


Until Next Time,

P.S. Do you guys think I should do videos outside of make-up? I mean I think make-up is a good platform to market myself but I wanna do other adventure videos too!! What you think? And also should I do shorter videos every week (1-2 minutes) or more epic lengthy videos every 2 weeks?

Sunday, June 12

First Make-Up Video in 3 Years

FUCK YEAH FINISHED MY VIDEO .. I can't believe its been three years since my last make-up video. When I did this video three years ago, I told myself I would stop making videos until I'm pro enough [make-up wise & filming wise]. Then recently I posted a random video up for an interview & people started commenting PLEASE MAKE MORE VIDEOS.. Its been three years so if people still want me to make videos after three years then thats saying something! So I bought a t2i sold my old camera [well... listed on ebay] & then I finished editing my video.

... idk if you guys are really interested in how I did it but I like explaining these things anyways... so I was going to render it in After Effects and make all these epic effects and what not but as soon as I saved my 2gb video --> 120gb LOL WTF BBQ... So I mean I understand why its so big since usually you would film it into sections but I didn't really write a storyboard for this.. .LOL I was just like hay thug lyf gonna make this shit happen.... which isnt really a smart move when you edit since I had two 12minute segments and a bunch of 3-5 minute segments. A total of 40 minutes of footage.. Thats pretty long mind you!! for a 4 minute video?!? So I was thinking dude... I need to cut these segments before I do any effects over it... So I brought it over to Premiere and cut my video.. which took me approximately 7 hours. Not too bad. There are around 60+ cuts in this video. I stopped counting.

So I did effects in Premiere but they were mostly just color correction/lighting correction because honestly, I don't know how to do all the cool effects on Premiere as I do on After Effects. But myeh I'll know what to do differently for the next video!! I coordinated my whole video with the music. DADALIFE!!! haha! I exported it as a MPEG2 & tada... my video.WATCH IT & SUB PLZ. I'm quite happy with the results & I think people are too since I got 100 new subscribers yesterday :)

Until Next Time,

Friday, June 3

My Photos from 2010 & New Shoes

I never do this but I guess I'll take the plunge! So anyways while I was clearing out my computer and getting rid of bits&pieces, I realized that I take so many photos but I never share them with anyone. Kind of depressing right? So anyways I'm gonna start to actively share the photos I take. These are my favorite shots of 2010. So I'll write a little description of the story behind each photo

This photo is beyond trashy. It was freezing cold outside when I took this. Poor model got sick!


I took this photo for Toge's clothing line. It took so many hours of post production work to find the photo she liked & "style".

One of my favorite photos because this was so fucking hard to do. It involved using second curtain shutter so I could get the frozen person but trailing lights and timing everything perfectly. Those are glowsticks btw, not ribbons.

Just a bathroom shot. Lighting this SHOULD have been easy but this was in a corner so you can imagine how hard it was to fit lights in here. This style totally reminds me of Mark the Cobra Snake's style sans the extreme vignetting.

Anyways here is a photo I took recently. I don't have the time to schedule photoshoots with models anymore but this era sure was fun. From now on, I guess I'll use myself for lighting practice. 

 I like this dreamy effect a lot but ironically, I think my features look pretty harsh here. hmMm..

New shoes. I'm not really a "product" person when it comes to photography but I had so much fun lighting these shoes. I think its because I'm used to lighting now so I don't have to experiment a lot anymore... at least regarding products. People are always a hassle!

Anyways I bought these and a pair of black pumps a long way back but it took FOREVER to ship. These are sooo comfy but the 5.5-6inch heels are a bitch to walk in. I mean I can handle everything up to 5 inches but these are totally different. I guess I just have to get used to them!

I'm so excited for my t2i to come so I can finally start filming! TWO T2IS TO FILM?!? Am I crazy?!? No seriously, I am so frigging excited to edit my videos!

Until Next Time,