Saturday, October 22

EOS Bubble Grey Circle Lens Review From Shoppingholics & Giveaway Winner

DRAMATIC LENS CALLS FOR DRAMATIC PICTUREEEE!! I wanted to get some circle lenses that were more spooky, less big eye girly look lately (mostly for Halloween) so luckily, Shoppingholics contacted me and we arranged a circle lens review. When their order came,  I was so happy about the packaging! The circle lenses were in a cute box and I finally got those cute pig contact cases (I kept seeing them everywhere and I, too wanted pigs to adorn my lenses)! Along with my order, they sent me one of those velcro out of hair holders. Great customer service :) I chose EOS bubble gray because unlike the regular circle lenses, they don't have an outer ring. I guess these could be classified as regular color contact lenses if it wasnt for the size.

Close up of how it looks. The pros of this circle lens is that it is very thin and comfortable. The color is super light and its very visible. I like how it looks IRL but pictures dont really do it justice Cons are that it doesn't give enlargement AT ALL. So if you want huge freaky ass dolly eyes, opt out of this. If you wanna have sexy cat eyes, go all in!! These are definitely contacts that look good with or without make-up. I've done really subtle make-up and it looks amazing! But thats because I like really eyecatching, dramatic colors.

Overall -- I give it a 8/10. This would be a perfect circle lens if they added a subtle dark/medium grey ring around the edge so I'm knocking off two points for it. 10/10 for the service though :)

Now onto my giveaway winner. It was really frustrating picking a winner because there were actually two to three people who won but they either shut down their blog or put it on private, leading me to disqualify them ): Remember to follow the rules people!! But after generating and regenerating and giving me a major headache.. the winner issss (drum rolls) MILKY WAY HEART!! Email me or comment below for your prize! Thank you for participating everyone!

I also have one more small prize to give out. I really like it when people do things and don't expect anything in return. Yeah I know a lot of you guys are comment shy and don't wanna talk to me /le cries/ but I value comments a lot (which is why I try my hardest to respond to each and every one in a timely manner). So I generated ANOTHER PRIZE... but this time I took all the comments from a random blog (so all the people who comment for the hell of it get a shot) and .... THE WINNER ISSS --> KT!! Contact me for the small prize :) (for those who are really nosy the blog was the one on 09/09/11.)

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P.S. I've decided a solution to my iphone pics vs dslr pics and IVE MADE A TUMBLR!! --> so add me to see all my hip photos (lulz)

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