Friday, May 4

Glossy Box Launches in the USA!

Hey everyone! I haven't updated on my medical condition because my appointment was pushed back to early June and honestly, I would prefer to not think about it anymore. I want to move forward! Thank you guys all again for your kind comments. I'm so sorry but I have decided to not reply to comments anymore because there were some pretty weird ones in there and it wouldn't be fair if I replied to some and not all (Yeah I know its not fair already because I already started replying beforehand but I didn't realize that my post would get such a large response!) If you guys have any questions, I always respond to e-mails! Thank you especially to those brave individuals who came out to share their stories. Currently, my eyes feel a whole lot better. I haven't worn glasses in months as to not strain my eye but the other day I decided to wear glasses and WHOA EVERYTHING WAS IN HD!! I was extremely happy (its been almost three months without contacts or makeup >:)  But I'm going to wait a little bit more before I start wearing contacts again. Which means no face/outfit photos but yay for regular photos!

Anyways onto the real business. About a month ago, GlossyBox contacted me to review their cosmetic subscription boxes. This service is already available in other countries but now they are launching in USA! I have never gotten one of those subscription services purely because I have an intense fear of having too many things which causes me to be extremely careful of what I purchase. So I didn't know what to expect! It's not really the spending money monthly part but mostly the WHAT DO I DO IF I GET SOMETHING I DONT LIKE?! DO I GIVE IT AWAY... DO I FORCE MYSELF TO USE IT? ITS TAKING UP TOO MUCH SPACE IN MY LIFE BRAGGHRRWEEW I'm just one of those people that likes a small wardrobe, cosmetic collection, and everything else!

So with no real experience with these types of services, I was extremely hesitant. When I got the box, I was astonished at the amount of effort spent on packaging alone. There was a custom printed shipping box with a custom printed Glossy Box. Inside there was, custom printed tissue paper, two large pamphlets on what is included and a cute "passport", an official letter, and of course the goods. I was surprised at the five large full sized products they sent me! Included is with Kryolan  High Gloss Brilliant Lip Shine, O.P.I. Kiss Me on My Tulips Nail Polish, Cargo EyeBronzer, Basq Cucumber Tea Eye Gel, C.O. Bigelow Lavender & Peppermint Shampoo,  and a sample size of Erno Laszlo Hollywood Collection.

I haven't used the products aside for the eye gel yet so I can't give my opinion on the product themselves. I do however enjoy the service that GlossyBox provides. I think this is a special launch box and that future boxes will include maybe one or two full sized products. Overall, the 21$ price tag is a bit steep for samples given the competition, definitely a steal for full size items. However, they do have a feature that lets you CUSTOMIZE YOUR BOX... well sort of. But you fill out one of those style profiles that will let their experts make a box tailored to your needs. Does this change my opinion on the service? Hell yeah. Because the only reason why I wouldn't subscribe is the fear of getting stuff I won't use. I mean I could get a bajillion sample sized products of random things I wouldn't want for five bucks cheaper or I can get small deluxe samples of things I'll actually use. Hats off to you GlossyBox.

Until Next Time,