Tuesday, November 30


Okay, I used to be willing to spend crazy amounts on my make-up at Sephora. But, as times are getting harder and harder, and as my photography equipment is growing, I would rather sacrifice my make-up for equipment ; o ; 

That is 'til... I found E.L.F.! 

You see, I'm not a fan of these "budget" brands save for Revlon's liquid eyeliner (It is STILL the best one I have used to date. Stays on for more than 24 hours.) I've tried NYX -- which turned out to be disgusting. Their shadows weren't pigmented and their lipsticks chapped my lips even with lipgloss.

So I took a plunge and decided to try ELF's make-up

This was my haul. I bought -- All Over Cover Stick, 4 Nail Polishes, Lipstick in Natural Nymph, Matte HD Powder, Eyebrow Stencil, Beauty Encyclopedia Eye Edition, Mineral Eyeshadow Base, and the Shimmering Palette. All for around 40 or 50 dollars shipped?? I also bought a few brushes which were whatever and didn't feel like reviewing them.

I'll start the review with the primer, which was very disappointing. My eyeshadow did crease and fade with the primer alone. However, combined with my MAC paint pot in painterly, it is perfect! It has the staying power of Too Faced Shadow Insurance without the oily seperation after 3 months ; o ;


DAYUM! is all I have to say in response to this lipstick. I've been trying to find a perfect nude for the longest time. So far, I've went through myth, cream d'nude, and Gosh's Darling. I found this one very close to myth, and in fact better! Myth gives off an orangish tone while this one gives off a milder orange tone with a hint of pink as well. It stays on EXTREMELY WELL. I can eat and not have to reapply! The coverage is very matte and opaque so you might need a bit of lipgloss if you have chapped lips like me

The nail polish was actually whatever. The only thing good was the price (1$). Other than that, it stayed on fairly long, due to the horrible condition of my nails but still chipped within a week. Also, this doesnt have much of a shine so you will always apply a topcoat. The drying time is very long ; o ; ....
This powder is actually really good! Priced at 6$, it keeps my foundation looking smoother, longer. For those people who say that they give you so little ... Its only six dollars.


OH WOW. This Shimmering Palette does what others can not! I've tried Too Faced Highlighting Face Shimmer and Make-up Forever's Highlight/Contour kit ... This one really wins! Its comparable to Benefit's Moon Beam except at a fraction of the cost. It blends well but if you have dry skin like me, you should moisturize well before applying. It will definitely show your flaky skin if you don't moisturize.

I don't know how to grade this but it was just so cheap!! (1$)
For a dollar, it certainly does get the job done but its just so pasty! It feels like chalk and glue on my face. Also, I noticed that this makes me more prone to pimples while using it if I don't exfoliate my face rather than just using cleanser at night. I guess I'll put this in my make-up bag for emergencies because of its small size.


Im kind of between giving this a 3 and a 4. I would give it a 4 on the price and a 3 on the performance. For an eyeshadow palette, it really covers all of the basic colors for a smokey eye. I do smokey eyes 24/7 so this book is perfect for me. However, it IS a bit hard getting the shadows where you want it to. It takes a bit of practice to really use this book to its full advantage. Also, one thing to note: the black here sucks. I'm sticking to Urban Decay in Oil Slick for my darkest black. The only thing that really bugs me is a lack of mirror and its cheap cardboard casing. Keep in mind this book is five dollars. Yes, Five dollars for twelve colors, two cream shadows, and a crappy eyeliner.

This is the final outcome of using all of the products!

Close-up of my eye.

Oh yeah, if I don't follow you back its because I'm still new to blogger. Im trying to get the hang of it still ; o ;

And and and MY EQUIPMENT CAME YAY!! I'll post photos of it next time

Until Next Time,

Sunday, November 21


Guess what? 

I'm blonde again!! Yayyyy!!!

I realized that I promised last time I would blog more, and I had this long review about my E.L.F. Haul but I got WAYYYY too lazy to write an actual review. Long story short, E.L.F products surprised me because NYX products are so shitty in comparison...

So  instead of making this a review, I guess I'll just update with whats been happening.

In the time I was gone, I was working on a lot of new projects!! The most important one being me improving my photography skills. I realized that I never really honed my skills the way I wanted to and these two months I've been working very hard at taking better photos. I've also launched my portfolio and started designing my custom businesscard. Even though Electric Trash has its business card, I never had my own ; 3 ; 

You can see my portfolio site : http://instantmint.com

Btw, thats a photo I took of Aaron glowsticking. People actually thought he was ribbon dancing in these photos ; 3 ;

And this is my new hair! I finally gave in to bleaching my roots after a treacherous 4 months of being lazy. From then on, I dye my roots every 3 weeks now to avoid the bleaching/dying/toning mess.

What it looks like at night. 

And this is me+Aaron at subsonic spookfest. 
I guess I'm not a fan of partying when I'm not single because It was not that enjoyable
Thankfully, Toge brought some presents for me to make it more enjoyable!

idk.. the DJ's kind of sucked live but I'm sure every one was so  high they didnt know the difference. The only artists that stood out was Aoki and Wolfgang Gartner.

There will be more eventful posts to come ; 3 ; becauseeee
I feel like its tradition we go every year now. I mean we just go for the fish LOL...

But yes he surprised me by buying me my ticket <3

Anyways, Until Next Time,


Saturday, October 16


Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while! A lot of things have been happening, the completion of the magazine, modeling for 6% doki doki and MY BIRTHDAYYY!! Lets backtrack a little bit

Opening my present for my birthday!!

I ended up celebrating my birthday in two days actually.

One day I went to Toge's house to play Resident Evil while completely shitfaced

There is no photo recording of that one though... HAHA

But thank you Toge for having me and people over!!!

The second day I celebrated it with Aaron.
He got me a cake and dun dun dun...


Me and my gift... WHAT IS IT???...


He got me a Flash for my cameraaa!!


This photo was taken with the new flash. Its a 430 EXii

 I love how it makes me look! Now I need a new lense so I can camwhore haha...

Shortly after my Birthday, I had to attend a series of events.

Here is me being Sensationally SHOCKED!!

I was modeling for 6% DOKIDOKI

Me + VANI!

I miss you already!!! She is my favorite haha

Me + Toge + Meilyne

They borrowed my 6% DOKIDOKI wear to the party!!!


Im totally in love with this guy haha

He is the designer of 6%

If it were not for him, I wouldnt even model.

He actually came to my work place and convinced me to model as a special guest


6% DOKIDOKI showwww

I like how me + VANI are the only people posing haha
Yuka is next to her and the rest of the contestants for the contest


HAHA Meilyne+Toge+Me


My outfit for the day! I was girly punk


Meilyne + Me

This was taken when we were waiting to undress to our natural clothes

It turns out that someone stole our clothing...
So I had to run around in Aaron's fur coat and a camisole...

I looked EVERYWHERE for our clothing... 

It turns out Amy + Kevin from Sugarpill took our bag HAHAHA

I was walking around the venue in my underwear...
I bet everyone thought I was CRAZYYY!!!


Close up of the make up done by SUGARPILL COSMETICS

Their stuff is AMAZINGG!!


We went to get udon after the show. 

It was our first meal of the day. 

I cant stand being a model! I couldnt smoke in the clothing

We took some VISUAL purikura haha

We all decided to dress up as a theme!


Afterwards, we went to American Cupcake for some chow.

We got this salad. No drinking for me that day though!

I wanted to stay sober for Sebastian (HAHA)

Im such  fangirl.



There was also red velvet.. .FRIED CHICKEN!

They dip the chicken in red velvet batter.

Cute cupcakes!!

Until Next Time,




Sunday, August 22


A lot of people ask me about what camera I use. I use a dSLR.

I recently picked up my old point and shoot and I forgot how fun it was camwhoring photos.Camwhoring is a part of every girl's internet life. So when do you know when you have to one-up and buy a dSLR??

I'm going to post a sample of a point and shoot and SLR photo with no image modification [other than light levels]. These photos were taken on the same day.

Point and Shoot
[click to enlarge]

The pros of a point and shoot is that its portable and easy for camwhoring. All you do is set the iso and white balance and you are good to go! Also, what I like about point and shoots are that it "dumbs down" shadows. If I took the same photo with an SLR, I would get all those shadows on the side of my face from my hair. Instead, I get this nice smooth gradient of shadows. 

The cons for point and shoots are that they dont allow you to change shutter speed or f-stops (there are newer wannabe SLR point and shoots that do that but i would advise you to stay away from those). Therefore, your candids would be more blah than an SLR. Also, you can only take good camwhore photos in bright rooms [which means no camwhoring at night]

dSLR with strobe set to 1/8th on right and whiteboard on left
 [click to enlarge]

The pros of a dSLR is of course you can control every aspect of the photo. I always shoot in manual because I don't know how to use the other settings on my camera. This is also a con in itself because you will have to learn all about controlling three factors to make a balanced photo [f-stops, iso, and shutter speed] rather than clicking away at your point and shoot. Another pro is obviously, the high quality of the image.

The cons of a dSLR is the price of equipment that comes with a dSLR. If you are serious about getting good photos, you have to invest in a mix of lamps, strobes, ringflashes, lightboxes, external flashes, lens, reflectors, etc.Also, you will have to lug the big thing around all the time. I use to bring my camera + an extra lens before upgrading to my current lens.

The bottom line? 

If you already have an interest photography and have money to blow, I suggest you buy a dSLR. I like the photo of myself taken with a dSLR way more.

I dont suggest anyone buying a dSLR JUST for the sake of taking food photos and camwhoring --unless you dont really care about the composition of the photo and just care about getting some bright, sharp, cutesy photos with your stock lens. A good point and shoot and some bathroom lighting is more than enough to get some cute photos.

Until next time,

By the way, Aaron says that photo taken with the dSLR is the most accurate photo of what I look like in real life when I dont smile *A*

Monday, August 16


I wore a H.NAOTO shirt at work!
the fun part of being editor in chief is 
you get to try the merchandise~

I also got these new shoes
they are so cute & on sale
i got thigh high boots with these as well
but i dont have a photo of them ; 3 ;


i also got this choker at BLACK PEACE NOW
its so cuteee
theres sparkles on the stars!!


i also got this white choker with studs!!
i dont know how to match the white color
but it looks really shinyyyy

i got aaron a present
its a long sleeve shirt with studs
but i didnt get a picture of it

i also got this flower at the street fair
you can wear it on your hair or wrist
two dollars!

afterwards we went to eat korean food!
spicy tofu kimchi stew & bbq!


a picture of baby & meeee 

until next time,

Wednesday, August 11


ive finally started another real blog!
so i wanted to backtrack a bit further this week!

i also dyed my hair brown this month
i miss my blonde hair!!
but i think the choice was better.

 this is not the merchandise that i have been awaiting
but i went shopping!
a lot of make-up! a miss sixty jacket & betsy bag

i dont know how i feel about the bronzer
it doesnt show up on me ; 3 ;!!
but its soooo cute! i love all the colors

i♥♥the new cube machine!
we got it at work & i finally tried it this sunday!
its kind of kiddy, but i like square puri

today, me+bby went for sushi!
this eternity roll is the best roll
ive eaten in my WHOLE LIFE!!

until next time,