Tuesday, May 24

Upgrading my Camera

 Listening to: Song for Lisa (Benny Benassi Remix) - The Japanese Popstars

This is going to be my last blog with this camera. GOODBYE MY DEAR CAMERA. YOU HAVE SERVED ME WELL FOR THREE AND A HALF YEARS. Why am I updating my camera you ask? Well, my boyfriend finally convinced me to start doing YT videos again. 

A little back story but.. When I was younger I did a few ghetto youtube videos that got pretty popular. And now that I'm older I feel like I want to start making videos again. Not your average v-log videos either but legit ass videos... so I'm upgrading my camera to... a t2i! the camera my boyfriend has... Just because I can't buy any heavier cameras [my back even hurts from plastic bodies] and I really love the t2i's sensor. I don't need all the new video options the t3i offers because I can do all of that post production anyways.

To be honest, I really like making videos. I like the post production work way more than the actual filming though! So get ready for some legit ass videos once I get my camera. I might be away from blogging for a little bit just while I sell my old camera/buy my new one/edit videos etc.

Other exciting news is that I got promoted again at work! [this is the reason why I let myself buy a nicer camera... kind of like a gift to myself] But what you might ask? Its a secret! Haha but its a pretty big deal. Ever since summer started life has been amazing. I can't even describe it. It must be the enormous hours of sleep. Anyways, here are some photos of me  [with very minimal make-up/circles] at my workplace with my oh so funny bunny shirt and high waisted shorts! 

Until Next Time,

P.S. ALL OF YOU GUYS MUST SEE THE EDC TRAILER. OH MY GOD ITS FUCKING MAGICAL. I'm gonna be so sad to be missing out on something as fun as this but tbh, I'm so swamped by work that I can't even imagine taking a few days off for a rave. Next year?

Sunday, May 22

Summer Floral Days


Listening to: Cookies with a Smile - DADALIFE

I'm not a big fan of floral print. Why? Because I'm not a girly girl and have never been. I always play with the boys (we used to check out girls together, play games, form ludicrous secret clubs)  and it was such a shock going to high school/college where I encountered real feminine girls. Maybe I have a bit of bad luck but the ones that interest me are always the ones that cause problems. Now, I'm straying from the topic at hand: floral print. I finally gave in and bought (or well Aaron bought me) my first floral print dress. I think I really like it. Still not hot enough to wear this with heels [I doubt it will be this summer]. I wore it to my cousin's bridal shower and it was a huge hit! Anyways, I'll let the pictures tell the story. I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of these photo diaries soon!!

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Friday, May 20

Not Dressed for the Occasion

Listening to: Less Go Remix - Porter Robinson

edited: so apparently, due to a series of mix-ups the bridal shower is tomorrow! Luckily my package was beyond late and I didn't leave my house yet.

Short photo diary of what half of my day looks like.

Getting ready

Lounging around and watching cartoons. 
Picked this top for the bridal shower because it looks semiformal... kind of.

Delicious restaurant. This is a place called Crepevine. 
Their entries are so HUGE. The best bang for your buck. 
I really recommend this place.

Blackened chicken sandwich. This item is new on their menu. 
We were going to opt for the Belgium waffles but they weren't read yet. A few more days!!

My savory crepe -- Grilled chicken apple sausage with scramble eggs, green onions, provolone and salsa fresca. 
Simply divine! I do have to say I like their sandwich better.

Back home, making tea. Lounging around some more.

Sad because my package didn't arrive yet. 
I ordered some massage oils & candles for the bride to be. 
I hope it comes soon!! GRRRR.

Do you guys like these photo diary posts [like voyeuristic following me around creeper style stuff]?  I like doing this type of stuff because I like a lot of movement in posts. Finals are over so I can get back to hardcore blogging, reading, gaming, soaking in the nonexistent sunshine, & just having a good time again.

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, May 18

Short Update: Anniversary Gifts

  Listening to: Hey Sexy Lady -- Skrillex
 Let me u-u-use you up tonight. Give me yo-yo-your mind.

Rather short update but better than nothing! A lot of exciting things have been happening lately :B! Can't wait for school to be over so I can finally start doing shit. But aside from that, I've been trying to change my style up a bit. More minimalistic with emphasis? I'm wearing a three dollar spaghetti strap with a chained cross necklace. I originally got this necklace from H&M but I didn't like it so I customized it a bit. You probably can't tell but it makes a world of a difference. I think wearing a neutral color like this with a bright bra looks really cute.

I'm using my camera more often now. I can NOT look good in photos I take of myself [holding the camera]. I always have to set it down. Some girls can get that angle right and look 243048x prettier but not for me. I think setting down a camera gives a more interesting photo anyways. I really can't stand a lot of camwhore photos from girls because they always make the same pouty face.  But thats because i prefer hot girls over the overly disgustingly cute ones (haha I'm just so biased). When I see shit like that it makes my pores all cold and I want to slap something.  

Enough about slapping though. For this photo, I used an external flash [430 exii] with a diffuser straight on and that's it. Its a world of a difference what external flashes can do. I used to really like bouncing light off things but I've grown tired of it.

Me & Aaron's four year anniversary is coming up so I bought him presents!

Last time I got him an Ableton controller... or was that for his birthday? Usually I like to buy him clothing for anniversaries and electronics for birthdays. I got him two pairs of boots. I only took a photo of this one because the other ones were regular everyday slouchy boots. These are the nice special occasion ones! So classy.

I got this for myself. Around ten/fifteen dollars. I love necklaces with multiple pendants. I think its a bit manly but I like that androgynous feel anyways. I can never be a girly girl... Though I have to note Aaron bought me my first floral print dress. I'll tell you how that goes.

I got him a big pendant necklace. He loved it immediately because he really likes this style.

In return, I told Aaron not to buy me anything expensive so he bought me cheap things from F21. I got a floral print dress for the wedding I'm attending this month, olive shorts, pinstriped shorts, a black tube dress, and a spaghetti strap. All for fifty dollars!

Gosh I'm getting so /sad/ because all I've been doing these past two weeks are my projects. No time to play games or sleep. 

Until Next Time,

Saturday, May 14

This is like a Flashback

 [self portrait]
"This is like a Flashback"

I've been neglecting my blog because I've been crazy sick. Saw Toge off the other day at seven in the morning and I drank coffee. I already have problems with caffeine but I drink it anyways. I think their milk might have gone a bit bad. I tasted something weird when I added more milk to the coffee. Then I proceeded to throw up chunks for the whole day. I felt so classy.

Aside from being sick, I've dyed my hair back to brown. I'm not at all fond of the whole blonde look anymore. I can't keep up with my roots which need to be dyed every 3 weeks and I think brown just looks much more mysterious. Along with my new hair, I can't dress the way I used to because it looks so tacky!

ITS SO BRIGHT OUTSIDE! I swear I hate the daytime.
Trying to make use of my dSLR today (yes, I'm still in this outfit haha). I haven't touched my camera in ages! I forgot how nice it was. Aaron took these photos for me because I never document my outfits. I think my whole outfit is under 60 dollars. I'm so damn thrifty.

I cut straight across bangs as well. I don't know how I feel about them but I'm certainly loving the color. I had mixed feelings in the beginning but as soon as I dressed up with the brown, I felt so comfortable. Blonde makes me stand out too much. I'm not fond of the attention.

LOVING this Marc by Marc Jacob's bangle that Emma gave me. It goes with everything!! Thanks babe!

Recently, I can't stop listening to "FlashBack" by Calvin Harris. I think you guys should all listen to it on YouTube! What kind of music do you guys like? I'm really getting into this disco-house-pop genre.

I was wondering if you guys like the big pictures? I'm always to self conscious to upload any of my work to my blog because its so large and obnoxious. I also changed my layout.

Anyways, I'm going to a dinner party tonight!

Until Next Time,

Sunday, May 8

Giveaway Winner, Fur Turban, & Puppy

Sorry guys for the late giveaway winner. Its finals week and... okay well I've still been doing absolutely nothing but the stress of finals is freaking me out (LOL). Anyways I did an excel spreadsheet instead of doing random number generator because I think random number generator people can keep pressing the button until they get someone they like and whatever. I mean its pretty shady when all the popular bloggers win right (tchhh you all think it. dont lie!)? So I wanted to prove to all my readers that I'm doing it legitly because it takes too much damn time to keep copying+pasting columns and redoing the formula!  Way more time than pressing a button.

SO HERE IS HOW I DID IT (if you dont give a shit and just want to know if you've won scroll down to the bolded winner) -->

I've been working on this shit this morning so I would like to explain and get some recognition for my awethum excel skills (no... not really I suck at excel. I've seen Aaron's dad make a spreadsheet that creates a work schedule around everyone's available hours)

[Click photo to enlarge and see ... well half of your numbers because theres actually 136 entries and 240 names (for double, triple, etc entries) gosh look at that scrollbar ): ]

Here is all the names in alphabetical order with the formula (the random one) and a value. Its probably too hard to explain what these numbers mean but just know the value is the one assigned to your name

How I decide who is my winner is the one with the lowest number so I alphebatised everyone's corresponding name and number and I got this -->

TADA THE WINNER! Kiki Paul! I will send an email to this person later this week and... I mean not gonna lie I'm probably gonna take more than a week to send the package out because its finals week...

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR PARTICIPATING. And if you didn't win this time you get a prize for participating.... my gratitude! LOL idk if its worth much but its better than nothing right? So a giant e-hug for everyone who joined!

Well anyways onto other news.. Our purikura store has new tiles! It looks SO MUCH BETTER.. Honestly, I thought it was gonna look really tacky with the three colors but it looks so good. GOOD CHOICE RYAN.. I can only imagine how long it took to install these badboys!


Today was mother's day and I usually don't celebrate these type of hallmark holidays but for some reason I felt really compelled to spend the day with my mother. We chatted, took some purikura with our devil dog (he ruined our purikura because he kept moving!) and went dollar shopping. 

We also went to go eat korean food because my mom only likes really really spicy/salty things.


Speaking of food.. Unrelated but Aaron's parents tried to make Mac n Cheese... DO NOT. I REPEAT DO NOT MAKE MAC N CHEESE BY SCRATCH EVER. It wasn't bad but I'm just so used to the overly flavorful box kind that it was kind of blegh to me.

After we went to eat korean food, I went back to my mom's shop (I havent gone down in... a year almost) and saw the new puppy next door! Mom tells me that shes BB's girlfriend but BB isn't too fond of her like he was fond of his ex dachshund girlfriend. Hes so picky!


She looks EXACTLY like BB but with ears that stick out/up sometimes. Really cute but kind of a dumb dog. Maybe because BB is so smart/asshole-like that any real dog seems bland compared to him.


BB on his king throne. Hes on a skull+lightning listen flavor blanket! Snoozing in style!!


HE LOOKS SO MISERABLEEE!!! well he actually just hates me taking photos of him!

Well after I played with the doggies I was window shopping at fisherman's wharf AKA tourist trap area and I saw this really really cute fur hat. I have a black one if you guys don't remember but I'm dying my hair darker soon since it washed out so quickly and dark hair + black turban = really ugly toupee. Its something you have to wear with light to medium light hair. 

It was so cute and guess what? I knew the lady so she gave it to me for free. D'awwwww!! I told her I would pay for it but she was like NO NO JUST TAKE IT... How sweet ; o ; It felt like that asian thing where every one is fighting for the check. She also told me to take a purse but I felt really bad and just left with the fur hat. I have too many purses anyways.

Me wearing the fur hat with my outfit that totally doesn't match but IDGAF because I love this hat to death! ITS SO HUGEEE!!! I cut off the little balls hanging on the side because it was getting in the way and looked kind of ... horrible with the hat. My dog tore that ball up in seconds!

Aside from the fur hat, I scared one of my dad's customers because she thought I was a legit mannequin. I was on my phone and wasn't moving for a good ten minutes. HAHA!

Until Next Time,

Saturday, May 7

Portal2 Review & Mortal Kombat Came!


Mortal Kombat came!!! I bought it because Amazon was having a video game sale and it was 20 dollars off (no way). And I heard this was the best Mortal Kombat since the first one. TBH, I'm not a fan of fighter games but Aaron is so I bought it essentially for him. 

I just played it today so I don't have any real thoughts on it yet. I do love the grotesque setting and slutty costumes that all Mortal Kombat games have so yay *u*!!

I'll do a review on it when I finish (if I finish.. I might just play versus forever with Aaron because the "lucky" chance is so addictingly fun). But now to get down to business....

I beat Portal2 already in both single player & co-op!! For the people who don't know, Portal2 was one of the most anticipated games this year. Let me give a brief run through of what Portal is like... 

In short, you are locked in Aperture Facilities and you have to try and escape with your portal gun. Now this is the freaky part. Your gun creates one portal that when you enter, leads you to the other portal. I think the picture above explains it better than I ever could. Its essentially a first person puzzle game.

Now onto the review. I've played Portal1 and I liked it a lot but I would get frustrated because I'd blow myself up all the time (err well I would just let the laser hit me and die). In Portal2, I actually died probably.. two three times in the entire game. I don't know if they baby proofed the course but I actually enjoyed Portal2 because it was more challenging, but definitely harder to die.

CO-OP is a must have. If you don't have friends, make some... and then persuade them to play with you. The CO-OP story mode is actually around the same time length as the single player. You would think co-op would be easy but its actually pretty hard! We spent a pretty long time figuring the last course out... but thats probably because you can always be a total dick and kill your partner.

Now onto the bad parts. First off, like Portal1, its way too short! This game probably plays... 20-30 hours AT MOST (CO-OP included)... And that is if you have some sort of cognitive disability and can not process shapes and objects. The good thing is that there will be an update where users can create their own maps later on... ILL BE WAITING ON IT

Another bad thing is of course there is zero replay value... once you finish this game. Its done. Also, there isn't a companion cube... WHAT THE FUCK?!? there were actually no other "characters" I could bond with like the first one I know bond with a cube.. dumb right?

Overall I still think this is one of the best games of 2011 simply because of the witty humor and storyline. I mean come on... HOW CAN YOU RESIST POTATO GLADOS?!? HILARIOUS!

Now onto food & etc things...


Here is me wearing the shirt I bought the other day! 

We went to Yummy Yummy on Irving St after discovering that New Sandy's chef left... So we are directing our pho and pho-related activities to Yummy Yummy for the time being (well... until New Sandy's cleans their act up!)

The rolls are to die for! Its not your conventional roll but rather, a roll covered in panco-esque batter,

Of course, our beef carpaccio. This is not as good as our usual place but it will suffice for now!

AMAZING!! Spicy noodles. Now I know you guys are all thinking... who eats that at a pho place? Well this is the bomb!!

I kind of miss using my dSLR lately so I've been trying to take photos but then I realized why I use my camera on my phone more now... First of all the convenience... and second of all because dSLRs show all your flaws and imperfections if you don't know how to light the face. But here is a candid photo of me with rilakkuma! I took it myself with my shutter wide open so obviously could not focus as well as I wanted it to ): I should have used f/4 or f/5 instead. DARN ME FOR BEING GREEDY AND WANTING A LOWER ISO!


For those of you who are wondering --> f/2.8 iso 400 1/60
Gosh I love the coloring on this lens! Even if I did shop the colors a bit!

Okay before I leave, I wanted to ask you "what games do you guys play?" this can be childhood or whatever (OCARINA OF TIME FTW) Primarily because I've always liked playing until I reached puberty when I decided that tits+make-up>entertainment+games so getting back to playing these past years is really refreshing. 

Until Next Time,