Friday, August 26

Fucking Legit Photo Tutorial

Alright I've had a lot of requests (& I mean a lot) about how I take my photos so I decided to do a small tutorial on how to make your photography more kickass. I was going to do a chain of tutorials but I know that I'll never have all the time in the world to cover natural lighting, artificial lighting, lenses, etc. so I'm going to give you a few tips to begin with

First off, I am going to ruin everything you think you know about photography with this: camera is not everything. OH NOS!! But its true. Most people like big cameras because you can get these cool bokeh effects and what-not but bokeh is only pretty when used correctly. You need to adjust your fstop (if you have a dslr) accordingly to make the best photo possible. Now look at these two photos, which one do you like more? 

If you said the first photo, you're wrong!! No, just kidding. Theres no wrongs to photography haha. But really what you should be looking at is the composition of the photo. The first photo is dead center, with a "whatever" background, and is not incredibly sharp where it should be whereas the second photo has a very interesting background, amazing lighting, and has the perfect amount of focus. See what I am trying to teach you is that bokeh isn't everything, composition is! So it doesn't matter what type of camera you are using (well okay... it does but only to some degree), because you can have an amazing camera and still take shit photos.

Being said, in today's lesson (haha I feel so cool being a teacher), I am going to teach you how to make some interesting photos. Think to yourself a time when you wanted to take a photo of your food (yuim yum) and think about how you take the photo. Most of the time you take a photo straight down of what you are eating, right? Well now imagine your food is a whale. This is what it probably looks like

Oh god how unappetizing! This photo is so flipping bad, I'm not even gonna watermark it. So whats going on here? First off, our whale is kind of in a weird place. Its sort of in a corner but not really. Alright now imagine you are taking a photo of the same whale or food with an angle.

Much better! Now see, our whale's face is positioned into the third part of our photo. If you make an imaginary line that splits our photo into thirds, you'll know what I'm talking about. The rule of thirds is a key concept to making your photos more interesting. Combine this with some angles and you'll be set! If you are still confused, imagine this as something like a piece of cake. Instead of shooting the cake straight down, shoot it off to the side at an angle. Makes sense?

Alright now say you want to make it a little more interesting. Playing with your foreground and background can enhance that. Int his photo I'll be playing with the foreground of the photo.

If you are wondering what that is, those are dangling necklaces I put near the camera so that its out of focus. Okay we're not done yet because now that looks like I made a boo boo! Now I am going to position more crap in the foreground of this photo.

Bam! A much more interesting photo. Now this photo looks as though it has more of a story to tell instead of looking like I put a whale in a random place. 

I'm going to end with, its really really hard to photoshop a shitty photo to look better. Its easier to enhance an already amazing photo with photoshop. Trust me on this part! And guess what? If your photo is kickass you can do whatever the fuck you want with it and it'll still look amazing. To demonstrate I'm going to photoshop the lighting a bit and then write some random blurb on that photo and it will still look deep/insightful/overall amazing .

See? it makes no flipping sense but it looks good! (well at least i think it looks amazing) Imagine trying to shop that on the first photo of our whale up there... it would look like a piece of shit with a creeper message. Anyways, I hope these tips help you in your photography adventures & if you need any help with your cameras or anything you can always comment or tweet me!

Until Next Time,

p.s. I don't follow these rules all the time but its the simplest way to get your photos looking more professional :) :).

Tuesday, August 23

NYX Champagne + Caviar, Landbis Liquid Liner, & Gifts

Hey guys! So I'm back with a review of stuff I got recently. I'm trying to put more effects on my photos to make this blog more interesting HAHA! Anyways, I bought the NYX Champagne & Caviar palette & I received Landbis's Liquid Liner. I'm wearing both in the photo below. Ignore the epic messy bed hair!


This palette was pretty cheap (think ten dollars?) and I wanted a portable, bigger palette. My thoughts of this palette are its good for its price but its nothing amazing. As you can see from the swatches, a few colors are misses ): Honestly, I use probably 5-6 out of the 12 colors. The texture is incredible soft and there is a lot of fallout. I mean good for cheapos who like natural colors like me but nothing worth paying more than ten dollars for.

Next up, I received this eyeliner from I honestly don't do a lot of sponsored posts because I'm scared of hoarding stuff I dont need but I saw this cute liquid liner and I had to have it. Its super small so it fits in your purse. Plus it comes with funny engrish plastered on it in case you ever wanted to pretend you were foreign. Anyways I'll list some pros and cons

Pros: Its flipping cute. Its tiny size makes it easy to conceal anywhere! It has a super fine tip that makes drawing cat eyes super easy! Oh did I mention its pink?

Cons: The tip is a bit stiff making it hard to get that true black on & its not completely waterproof

Anyways, I got a few presents from friends!! First up, Shirley gave me this cross I was fangirling over a few months ago. I can't believe she remembered!! & she gave me her old MAC brow pencil that doesnt match her skintone anymore!! THANKS BABE<3 Anz gave me some flipping awesome eyelashes, laneige facial mask, a contact case, & hair serum! I'm wearing the lashes now and they are so cute!!

School is starting soon and I'm not loving it but I'll try my best to update both my youtube & blog :) 

Until Next Time,

Saturday, August 20

Visiting Beautylish with Jazziebabycakes

 So I was invited by Jasmine (some of you guys might know her as Jazziebabycakes on youtube) to go to the Beautylish headquarters! It was a super fun experience. Me, Aaron, and Jazzy had such fun times talking about everything (from frozen meats on trees, an ingenius idea i might add!, to showing eachother our embarrassing ID photos to make-up and video editing) over some tacos & ceviche! I saw where they did their videos and I can't wait to hang out again. When we went there, everyone had already left except for the programmers so I guess I have to return! I filmed my first vlog about this trip. I'm kind of nervous showing it because I hate the way I sound!

Meeting Jazzy was a funny story. Apparently Jazzy's boss sent her my video and we started tweeting when... she realized that she did my make-up for a fashion show a year ago! talk about small world haha!! I didn't know she was so popular back then! In fact, I didn't know a lot of people I met were (talk about flipping oblivious?!?) And she didn't know it was me because I'm so different when I talk.

So after lunch we went to the headquarters and I got to see where they store their snackies & do their videos & overall really kickass stuff. Only one photo inside Beautylish but you'll see the rest in my vlog! If you have a beautylish add me! ( Afterwards, I went to h&m downtown and I got these two shirts. The first one is a thick fitted vneck sweater that is super long with long sleeves! (love) and the second is a very cute tanktop with nice print (you know im a sucker for nice print!) plus it says high heels high hopes? HAHAA. she got highhhhh hopes!!

Until Next Time,

P.S. My giveaway is up :)

OH and here is the video now!!

Friday, August 12


So I finally took some more photos of my shoes/accessories that I think are worth selling. I update my shoe collection very often and now I feel as though theres too much clutter so I'm going to sell my shoes that I quite frankly... have not worn before. HAHA Anyways accessories first

All these prices do not include a 3% paypal fee. Or you can "gift it" and not get the fee. International shipping is 18-23 dollars per pair.

Black Peace Now Hardcore Black Choker - 30$ shipped

Black Peace Now Hardcore White Choker - 30$ shipped

Lace up Sandal Boots
Size M (36-37) 25 dollars shipped

 Oxford Pumps
Size 7. 25 dollars shipped


Snakeskin Pumps (New!)
Size 7 (fits a bit snug) 18 dollars shipped


Black Bling Boots (new!)
Size 7. 15 dollars shipped.


Over The Knee Boots (like new!)
Size M (36-37) 30 dollars shipped.

Tuesday, August 2

A Little Retail Therapy

 Listening to: Levels -- Aviici

Since I just go ta big paycheck from work, I decided to treat myself out to some retail therapy. However, cheap is an understatement for the things I got. I bought a few tops at A'gaci online since their photos made their products look so high quality but when I got it, I realized it was cheap strip mall quality clothing. In fact, one of the tops was the same brand as my five dollar shirt... I ended up returning half the tops and the sandals which looked as though blind babies made them. Extremely disappointed! Never gonna shop there again.

I also shopped at Urban Outfitters with Shirley online. I'm loving the printed tops. What is more ironic than a shirt with a cross filled with "sin" ?? These tops were not one size fit all though but I'm satisfied with them. I also tried their jewelry because they had this gorgeous ring... BAD CHOICE! the rhinestone fell off the ring before I even wore it. Plus, they were selling my ten dollar crystal armour ring for like thirty+ dollars HAH.

I DL'ed this app where I can make these cool tile photos so its gonna give me incentive to update my blog more haha. Nowadays I refuse to update the blog unless I have some really nice photos with the dslr but I realized that I shouldn't wait so long in between posts just cuz I'm anal about photos haha

On the other news, I just got commissioned to do a video for a webshop. I'm really excited since I've been feeling uncreative lately so now I am forced to be creative. IT ROCKS!! I can't wait to start filming this project!  Also I'm wearing new adult brown circles in the photos. I'll do a review very soon when I take some legit photos but I'm not so sure about them. What do you think? Did you guys notice the new layout? I think it fits better with my photos but idk.. .hmmmm!

Until Next Time,