Sunday, November 21


Guess what? 

I'm blonde again!! Yayyyy!!!

I realized that I promised last time I would blog more, and I had this long review about my E.L.F. Haul but I got WAYYYY too lazy to write an actual review. Long story short, E.L.F products surprised me because NYX products are so shitty in comparison...

So  instead of making this a review, I guess I'll just update with whats been happening.

In the time I was gone, I was working on a lot of new projects!! The most important one being me improving my photography skills. I realized that I never really honed my skills the way I wanted to and these two months I've been working very hard at taking better photos. I've also launched my portfolio and started designing my custom businesscard. Even though Electric Trash has its business card, I never had my own ; 3 ; 

You can see my portfolio site :

Btw, thats a photo I took of Aaron glowsticking. People actually thought he was ribbon dancing in these photos ; 3 ;

And this is my new hair! I finally gave in to bleaching my roots after a treacherous 4 months of being lazy. From then on, I dye my roots every 3 weeks now to avoid the bleaching/dying/toning mess.

What it looks like at night. 

And this is me+Aaron at subsonic spookfest. 
I guess I'm not a fan of partying when I'm not single because It was not that enjoyable
Thankfully, Toge brought some presents for me to make it more enjoyable!

idk.. the DJ's kind of sucked live but I'm sure every one was so  high they didnt know the difference. The only artists that stood out was Aoki and Wolfgang Gartner.

There will be more eventful posts to come ; 3 ; becauseeee
I feel like its tradition we go every year now. I mean we just go for the fish LOL...

But yes he surprised me by buying me my ticket <3

Anyways, Until Next Time,



  1. I think thats a great idea to work on your photography skills, I need to do that too haha >< Sadly I don't have anyone to help me and I'm a visual learner so reading tutorials online bores me to death.

    Your hair looks so pretty!! Or I should say you are so pretty XD

    I personally don't understand how people could enjoy going clubbing or whatever when their in a steady relationship and especially when they go with their partner. Well I have no idea because I am single and don't party haha!

  2. That is such a cool photo of your friend~ I honestly couldn't tell if it was a photo manipulation or some kind of trick lighting effect, haha XD Really awesome!
    Your hair looks lovely too btw ♥

  3. I really love your hair color, oh man. *_* I wish I could do that to my hair but it's so fried right now. ;_;

    Glad you're working on your photography skills, even though I think it's already really good! :)

  4. Sexy yoooo, I wish I can keep dying my hair forever but it's like grass enough.

    I wanna see you over winter break! I never catch you at work no more </3

  5. @さらまり; i just read tutorials all the time and force the people around me to pose ; 3 ; i wish had munnys to buy softbox + beautydish + gels + better lens + better camera ; 3 ; i tried my friends 5d mark 2 and its so gewd

    @tori: i just adjusted the lighting to get this type of photo. i dont really use photo manips unless theres a random dude in my photo i want out.

    @dolly oh yeah im gonna go grey cuz i dont wanna be gal and every one thinks im gal ; 3 ; its not the look im looking for but i guess heavy make up is considered gal?? but imo, gals make up isnt as dark

    @elaine my hair is like grass at the bottom! i work on sundays! lets hang out!!

  6. Love ur blog =)
    What hair dye brand do u use? and toner?
    loveeee ur hair! I recently went blonde.. spent so much money doing it at the hair salon. Gonna start doing it at home now.


  7. i use bleach i really dont care which type of bleach with volume 20 developer so i dont fry my hair. my ends are really damaged because i bleached that part 4-5 times already @.@

    and then dye i use wella with volume 30 developer