Sunday, March 4

Some Gifts & a Few Epic Videos!

Hey its been a while! Well to make up for it, heres two more videos! The first was a contest entry (haha) i never do this but this time I decided to just do it! If I don't win, at least I'll learn something from filming and it sounds fun anyways. So I kind of went ... really crazy on this and built a vanity set and dolly and everything. I was going to build a ringlight as well but time ran out. Maybe next video.

The other video is just a behind the scenes thing of me building the set and editing. No behind the scene filming though because its seriously just me and a camera HAHAHA! Also I've been mega lagging on blogs but here are some mixed photos! 

Thank you so much to Katie for the Coastal Scents Palette! Its pure love <3!, Anz for all the hardcore accessories :),  Shirley for the two Kate palettes + mascara! I wear the palettes everyday, Amy for the lashes + eyebon, & Khatsii for the lipgloss & card (totally saves my life during this dry weather time).

I also bought a few mascaras, One that I love and two that I had to return. I love the Covergirl Lashblast. Almost as much as my Maybelline Colossal Lash but not quite. Unfortunately, the Clinique mascaras I got were pure poop to be honest. It felt so heavy and gloppy. It could barely hold the curl at all. NO ME GUSTA! 

Also, I bought narcissus from NYX which I adore and I also bought a few lipsticks for an upcoming giveaway. I think I actually might do two giveaways this time, one for YT and one for blogger? I don't know! ARGH!!

Until Next Time,

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