Tuesday, April 19

Rakuten Haul + 2 Outfits


My haul from Rakuten came!!
It was so quick ... Insane! Literally came the same week I ordered it from Osaka!! I ordered it on Sunday night and it came on Saturday morning. 

The webshop I ordered from is called GALSTAR. The prices are insanely cheap but shipping kills you. My order was 90 dollars with 55 dollar shipping+tax. DAMNNNNN!!!! I usually order this stuff with friends to save on shipping but they only had one  pair of heels left and I HAD TO GET THEM!!! 

I'm turning into such a shoe freak!!! So here are the stock photos of the stuff I got. I was too lazy to take photos of them HAHA!!


They had three colors and instead of going for black, I opted for this gunmetal gray. Its less harsh [and doesn't scream WHORE! as loud] .. Plus I don't have any shoes other than black ones!


I got this in Khaki. I was gonna go for the Black but they were sold out. Stuff gets sold out REALLY quickly at this store so I better watch out for good steals! I got Khaki because I know being the slob I am, the white is gonna have stains and the Gray doesn't pop out as much. I was really surprised because they printed the pattern on the inside so the outside has this cool faded look!


When I saw this I went YUCK! simply because the gray one  the model wore looked so cheesy and cheap. Then I saw they had other colors. I got this in white (its actually off white) and I love it! I didn't notice the leopard print back. I'm trying to get into colors more (can you tell?)


Okay I can't even review this one because THEY SENT ME THE WRONG PRODUCT. I tried to contact them to no avail (BOO CUSTOMER SERVICE)!! Its actually the same shirt but the inside is a skull (not too shabby!) instead of that red newspaper text thing. I tried it on today its SUPER THIN and its the type of fabric blend that pills rather quickly so I guess I can't do any rough housing with this shirt. The fit however, is superb! Its a medium [I wear a small in the US] and it fits loosely!


AHHH IM A SUCKER FOR SKULLS x STRIPES!! However, I think I regretted buying this one because I realize that I don't dress as kiddy as I used to dress and there's no real occasion to wear such bright print. It feels pretty costume-y to me but I think I can dress it down with some jeans or something!


I wore shorts with this and a leather jacket. It got too hot during cherry blossom weekend so I had to take the jacket off and I felt self conscious wearing such a bold shirt HAHA. It proves I'm getting older because before I used to wear crazy prints all the time and be fine with it.

 Showing off the choker! I love all my chokers to death but I can never find a shirt that matches the "choker" image [now I have one! LOL]

Hehe my tired face after working some mad busy shifts! My hair is growing longer and I'm loving it! Its so healthy as well!! No split ends!


The outfit from the first day! AWWW LOOK AT MY SAD PUPPY DOG EYES. Working Cherry Blossom definitely kills my feet and spirit!! But anyways, I'm so glad I got this in white instead of my usual black. It stands out so much more!


Outfit with it on! I really like how bold it is with pants. I just wish San Francisco was less freezing cold so I can wear skirts every once in a while (haha I'll keep dreaming!)

I'm sending a giant care package to my friend which includes like 20+ shirts. Shipping is gonna kill me -sad face- BUTT shes sending me cute stuff as well so stay tuned!

Until Next Time,

P.S. I PUT A NEW COMMENTING SYSTEM ON HERE!! [yay!] I usually reply to the longer comments so if I don't reply to your comment its because I'll end up saying Thank You too many times!! hehe


  1. Amazing Haul ♥ I definitely need to try Rakuten...found tons of great stuff..but..it sure sells out quick, wtf.

    Haha, I'm always grousing about shipping costs, too~ but actually it's amazing to exchange stuff via mail ♥ so exciting

  2. i was waiting for this!! when i saw your shoes on twitter i was like I NEED TO SEE MORE D= but those shoes, i LOVE the design! i don't think it looks whore-ish at all. i think it depends on the person wearing it, not the shoe style itself, and you definitely don't look even close to being a whore = = wait...no i lied, clear platform heels on their own look stripper-like...lol ok that's probably the only exception XD
    i'm not a fan of crazy prints anymore either but i think you made the skull shirt work! and those other tops <3!!! it sucks about the $55 shipping but i think this haul was worth it since you can make more amazing outfits :D
    ugh can't wait until it warms up here too, it's sunny but windy/chilly, worst weather ever