Thursday, April 21

Giant Food Adventure + Matte Make-up + Outfit


Hi there! I decided since I've eaten such good food in the past few days that from now on, I would mention where I would go to eat and the pricing of food (for the most part. I forget the price sometimes). Now as I live in San Francisco, food here is a bit more expensive than other places but I realized that some of my readers are from the Bay Area and maybe they would like to know where I go :)

A few days ago, one of my acquaintances in L.A. (Stephanie Butaya) came to visit San Francisco. I have probably bumped into her two-three times so I decided to ask her to hang out with me and get to know her better.

I treated her out to some fusion Burmese food and tart. Then my boyfriend treated us all out to some dessert!  We didn't get any good photos together so no photos from that day [boo!]

The place is called Burma Superstar. Its actually so popular that we went to their other restaurant across the street (B-STAR) ... that serves the exact same food!

My cocktail. It was made from blood oranges! Delicious! Stephanie didn't get anything cuz shes not of age yet haha.

 Tea leaf salad. The lady told me that the owner actually gets the tea leaves from Burma. This salad is one of the popular entrees and I can tell why.

Ceviche. I LOVE CEVICHE!! This one had pepper crusted tuna tataki with avocado, wakame, and spices. Highlight of my meal!

Chicken & shrimp biryani. Its baked with chicken, shrimp, peas, toasted almonds, egg, cilantro, basmati rice. I'm not too big of a fan of its flavor. Its slightly smokey sweet and nothing to write home about. (it must be because I really despise sweet salty foods haha)

We also got some french fries (not pictured because there's nothing special about a bunch of fries). Total of our meal was around 45, 55 with tip [Aaron's 20% tipping has rubbed off on me. I tip 20% everywhere now!] and TOTALLY WORTH IT! three appetizers, an entree, and a cocktail for that price? Unbeatable! I totally recommend this restaurant to every one in the bay area.

Afterwards we went discount shopping and such and I decided to buy a tart for my boyfriend and one for us to share as well. Stephanie got me a glitter NYX palette that I've been dying to try out because she felt bad about me paying 8D!! I've been dying to try that palette for forever! (I think every one and their mom knows which palette I'm talking about)


Schuberts Tart. Total? 7.50 for two! These are seriously the best tarts I've eaten in my life!

As if that wasn't enough food, we went to 100% Sweet Cafe to get some more. I think the total was 20 dollars but I'm not sure because Aaron paid.

Kumquat & milk pudding! One of the best things there

Milk Tea pudding. Really good!

We also got chicken wings & more fries, & two specialty drinks. twenty dollars was super cheap for the amount of snacks we ordered. 

Today I decided to eat a chicken burger. The place is called Bill's Place. My burger was 10 dollars + 2 dollars to substitute the fries for curly fries. I think this burger is pretty good but I wouldn't call it a ten dollar burger. Maybe a seven dollar burger but definitely not ten dollars. I've tried a bunch of their burgers before and they are definitely a hit or miss.


Look how bit it is once I stack it up. Its a really vintagey burger joint with lots of things to look at. Cute place to bring someone on a first date HAHA! Aaron really recommends the Letterman Burger (it comes with alfalfa sprouts and avocado).

I decided to try some matte make-up again. I was actually inspired to do some "natural make-up" but if you guys know me well, that never works out.


The results. I wore smaller diameter circles (regular nudy blues have 14.0) so it would appear more "natural" but I don't think I was successful at that. I do love the effect a lot though!

Outfit for today. Very casual top that I got at a secondhand store a while back. I love the cut of it! Its actually a brand from Urban Outfitters that was selling for 15 dollars at the store!

Here is a photo of the back. I had to pin the straps up because it was too big for me! Its meant for layering.

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