Thursday, January 12

Fabulous G-Market Haul

So a week ago, my haul from G-market came. Surprisingly, it came in three days. THREE FLIPPIN DAYS!!! Amazing! That is, after the sellers sent the items to the G-market facility. Overall, I spent approximately 150 dollars (shipping included).

I got two bags, a pair of booties, two men's jackets, and a pair of high waisted jeans. I didn't take photo of the said jeans because they were suffocating me to say the least. A word of advice for those ordering online, make sure not to get S-M-L sizes for pants. I have a few pair of pants in L that are a bit loose but for some reason, these were TINY! I wear a size 28 (a bit loose) and still I could barely breathe after buttoning! Ridiculous! But aside from that, I'm pretty content with my order. Six items for 150 seems more than fair. And here are some photos of us modeling our new buys! 

Awwwww! The jackets look like they were made for Aaron! Overall, for the price, the items were an okay condition. However, the real steal is the men's jackets! We've tried ordering some jackets from eBay and the quality looked as though blind babies stitched it. The seams were not reinforced and the fabric looked like it was rejected satin from a Rocky Horror Picture Show costume. Not these! The material looked exactly like the stock photo (if not better) and they were fairly heavy. At 40$ each, these are the real steal! The bags and the boots were, as I expected, cheap but paying around 15-20 dollars per item, I can't really argue.

Until Next Time,

P.S. (edit) IF YOU GUYS JUST SIGN UP FOR G-MARKET REMEMBER TO GET A NEWCOMER COUPON! I signed up on the 29th, applied the coupon on the 3rd or something and IT DID NOT WORK SINCE IT WAS NOT IN THE SAME MONTH *shakes fist*

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