Monday, January 9

Hana 1" Hair Straightener

Around a month ago, contacted me to review their hair straightener. Now as my old one was dying (to say the least), I happily took the opportunity. First things first, I'll tell you that my old straightener was a ghetto 30 dollar Jilbere one I bought when I was 15 from Sally's. I'll use that in comparison when writing this review.

Along with the straightener, I got a bunch of other goodies (including some e.l.f. cosmetics! which I adore). I can't believe all these goodies they sent! Shipping and processing time took less than a week.

Verdict? I absolutely LOVE how smooth the straightener makes my hair feel. Although my previous straightener was also made of ceramic, it kind of really fried my hair. You really get what you pay for. This straightener is super smooth going down and makes my hair straight but soft. One thing I do have to add though is that I lent this straightener to my best friend Tiffany for a test run (since she has curly hair) and she says that it takes a bit longer to straighten her hair since its so smooth. However for me, its perfect! For service, quality, and timely delivery, I give this product an A-.

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