Wednesday, July 18



Okay yeah laugh all you want but I GOT A NEW BACKPACK... which means that I can bring my camera out everywhere! The problem with me and a purse is that I have no motivation to bring my camera out and take photos since its extremely heavy and such a hassle to put it back into its bag. But now that I have a backpack I am more inclined to film and take photos outside since it has a flippin CAMERA COMPARTMENT. I CAN ALSO BRING MY MACBOOK OUT NOWWWW!! AND HAVE HANDS TO SLAP THE AIR AROUND. Maybe I'm getting old but this is very exciting for me!

Anyways just a short update for you all. I have something very excited coming up at the end of this week/early this week and after that I will start catching up on my blogs and responding to comments bawwwww! (Which probably means an entry a day). AND ALSO I AM GOING TO RETURN TO YOUTUBE AFTER THIS WEEK. And it will be epic!!! But for now, enjoy these nicely lit, dorky photos of me with my backpack HAHA.

Until Next Time,

P.S. okay yeah I realized I forgot to include a photo of mah backpack so HERE IT IS! The camera compartment slot is in the back so there's a less likelihood of theft? I don't know about theft but its pretty convenient!

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