Tuesday, July 24

New EPIC Video and... WEBSHOP?!? HystericMe

Remember a month or so ago when I made these ridiculous promises of new videos and more blogposts? I'm pretty sure that a ton of you guys went WTF YOU POST FOUR TIMES THEN DISAPPEAR FOREVER AGAIN! So I've been pretty good at keeping things under wraps and never exposing a single detail of my project. It is because I don't want to hype you guys up without a final product. In all actuality, I've been working my butt off making... dun dun dunnn. MAH WEBSHOP! -- hystericme.com

When I was ha... ha... unable to perform my normal tasks during my weeks of idleness, I came to realize that a took a lot of stuff for granted. So I did something crazy and I put all my time and energy in making a legit ass webshop. This is no ordinary webshop. I personally chose this selection of jewelry to reflect my style. It's my baby to say the least. And since I am so sure that this is the best thing since sliced bread, I am giving everyone free shipping. For. Ever. AND FREE EXCHANGES. Wait... Hold up. WHAT?!? 

Yes. I will pay for the shipping to exchange your jewelry if you are unsatisfied (within the continental 48 states).  Also, I made a legit video for this webshop (in addition to taking all the photos). I think this is my best video yet but you can judge for yourself! It took a painstaking two and a half days to film and three days to edit (all for that 1.5 minutes but it was so worth it!) (PS. FOLLOW MY NEW YOUTUBE! http://youtube.com/hystericbynature)

So here is my video. Don't forget to check out all the delicious jewelry at http://hystericme.com and to like our FB page! http://www.facebook.com/HystericMe. I will be hosting a crazy giveaway with Hysteric Me soon so STAY TUNED!!! Also, since I have launched this project I will try to reach one video a week. Crazy I know that is why there is an emphasis on the try haha.

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