Tuesday, May 3

Long Pic Spam! Food+Clothes+Etc


I totally forgot my giveaway ended a few days ago and didn't have the time to remind everyone so I'm gonna be extending it till this Sunday the 8th -- so if you guys didn't have a chance to enter you guys still have this week!!

I've been pretty busy this week with finals coming up & applying for new jobs. As much as I love my job at PikaPika, I feel as though its time to mature and move on. So I announced to my boss that I will be quitting sometime within this year. I've applied to a few places that were relevant to my interests so I hope that they accept me! It would be totally badass if they did!!

So here is a random food/recentbuy/etc post for the time being. I've been reading my newsfeed but I really have no time for long comments and I hate commenting small things like "cute outfit" so I'll comment on all your lovely posts later.

Me and Aaron did some BBQ. I think we did a good job for helping out.

 Damn Aaron gets the best coffee beans ever. IDK what roast was this but... AMAZING

I bought so much food for work but it turns out my boss wasnt there. Ended up eating it all myself /forever alone/ ): NEXT TIME

 Emma sent me a wonderful carepackage!! I was gonna write a blog about all the lovely things she gave me -- givenchy, mac, marc by marc jacobs, yves st laurant, etc... DAMN EMMA. Its okay I gave her D.I.A., palty, cry-x, glad news, etc. haha

Giant two dollar hotdog. WTF 7-11. It was so good

Bet you guys didn't know I could draw eh? This is my rendition of PORTAL2's co-op characters. SO CUTEEE. This was done completely by hand in pen&ink. You should see the crazy details... yes those are scanlines

Tried making ramen the other day... EPIC FAIL. This was legit ramen mind you. My noodles were all soggy.... Really gonna stick to instant now!

Pasta Fresca. This is the shit. Goatcheese & fresh tomatoes? FUCK YEAH!!!

I'm not a fan of sweets but I think my rag is coming so I gotta prepare for bitch mode... just so you guys all know.

HELLL YEAH. Okay long story short... Aaron nagged me to try this food science place when we were overseas in Hong Kong. You know the type of shit where they make tomato tapioca balls and weird stuff. Well I didn't want to go because I wanted to eat HK street food and it was 100 dollars per person. TBH, I don't care about the price for food but rather the time I had to take to eat it... I think if it was in San Francisco, I would totally go but not on my vacay... But Aaron got really sad so I got him this. KRACIE POPIN COOKIN FOOD SCIENCE KIT HAHA. Its part of his... very expensive anniversary present but what can I say? LOVE MY MAN. I also got him the new Mortal Kombat & 160 dollars worth of shoes/jewelry on rakuten.

Chicken Burger!! I love my epic looking ketchup/mustard combo.

 Kimchi Pork.

BBQ Beef

 Bim Bim Bap

Sushi from hanging out with Linda + company. We went to an art gallery which was totally badass but sadly, I didn't take any real photos. They were all badly lit or shaky. NEXT TIME!!

WTF is wrong with this rainbow roll....

First round of sake. We ordered more rounds but I didn't take photos. I think they made me a fan of sake HAHA.

Yeah I wanted to tell this story of what happened on the way to the bus stop. I'm used to having random crazies talk to me but this was a bit hilarious because it wasn't a crazy.  So I was on the bus and the moment I got off the bus, this black bouncer on Fillmore started talking to me. He asked me if I had a boyfriend and I politely told him, yes I do, sorry... After that he started screaming I KNOW IT. I KNOW YOU GOT A BOYFRAN GURLLL.... 


My new friends made me tell the story at least three times throughout the night and let me say "I KNOW IT" is our new inside joke!

Vietnamese chicken roll

Vietnamese pot rice

Today me & Rowena went shopping together. We met previously at the cherry blossom festival and I was so surprised at how we clicked. We instantly told eachother our deep secrets [OH HO HO]... probably because I have a huge mouth and blab my life story & inappropriate things to every one. HAHA.

On the way there I had another crazy try to talk to me... I SWEAR I ATTRACT ALL THE CRAZIES. He was trying to offer me a job [....right] as a marketing agent for a nonprofit tarot reading firm. He gave me a business card which I promptly threw away afterwards. Obviously trying to get in my pants since he kept asking me to have coffee and all sorts of weird stuff.

We went downtown where I saw this shirt. It was across the room... seriously I was at one end and the shirt was at the other end... so I screamed IM BUYING THAT SHIRT at the top of my lungs! I never see stuff I like IRL so when I do I go all nuts (haha). Rowena saw the shirt and was all sad face so I told her that I'm not the type of weird catty gurl whos all IM NOT TELLING YOU WHERE I GET MY SHIT CUZ IM THE FIRST PERSON TO ROCK THIS SHIT. So she got one too and now we match! 

I also got these faux wool texture cotton socks [WHAT A LONG UNOFFICIAL DESCRIPTION NAME I KNOW]. They were kind of pricey or so I was told -- 14 dollars? I'm actually really price-stupid about a lot of things so I cant tell if these are pricey or not! I used to get my socks for like 3-5 dollars overseas but I also spend crazily on random things [I think you can tell...] so I had to ask my twitter followers if this was expensive [SUCH A DORK!] I think its an okay price since I would rather have  good quality tights that won't fall apart rather than cheap tights that snag.

Shes a vegan so we went to get veggie burgers. Seriously this was a really good veggie burger. It was at the plant cafe in the Embarcadero and SO GOOD. Its a bit trendy and a lot of people were there but I think I'll come back to try their noodles.

Afterwards being the fatass that I am, Me and my boyfriend went to get Italian. Butter pasta... uhhhh yesss? TOTALLY!!

Lobster stuffed ravioli. Simply delicious.

On the way home, I saw these beautiful flowers. It was such a nice day today... weather and everything. I hope everything works out with the job application!

Until Next Time,

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