Sunday, June 12

First Make-Up Video in 3 Years

FUCK YEAH FINISHED MY VIDEO .. I can't believe its been three years since my last make-up video. When I did this video three years ago, I told myself I would stop making videos until I'm pro enough [make-up wise & filming wise]. Then recently I posted a random video up for an interview & people started commenting PLEASE MAKE MORE VIDEOS.. Its been three years so if people still want me to make videos after three years then thats saying something! So I bought a t2i sold my old camera [well... listed on ebay] & then I finished editing my video.

... idk if you guys are really interested in how I did it but I like explaining these things anyways... so I was going to render it in After Effects and make all these epic effects and what not but as soon as I saved my 2gb video --> 120gb LOL WTF BBQ... So I mean I understand why its so big since usually you would film it into sections but I didn't really write a storyboard for this.. .LOL I was just like hay thug lyf gonna make this shit happen.... which isnt really a smart move when you edit since I had two 12minute segments and a bunch of 3-5 minute segments. A total of 40 minutes of footage.. Thats pretty long mind you!! for a 4 minute video?!? So I was thinking dude... I need to cut these segments before I do any effects over it... So I brought it over to Premiere and cut my video.. which took me approximately 7 hours. Not too bad. There are around 60+ cuts in this video. I stopped counting.

So I did effects in Premiere but they were mostly just color correction/lighting correction because honestly, I don't know how to do all the cool effects on Premiere as I do on After Effects. But myeh I'll know what to do differently for the next video!! I coordinated my whole video with the music. DADALIFE!!! haha! I exported it as a MPEG2 & tada... my video.WATCH IT & SUB PLZ. I'm quite happy with the results & I think people are too since I got 100 new subscribers yesterday :)

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