Friday, June 3

My Photos from 2010 & New Shoes

I never do this but I guess I'll take the plunge! So anyways while I was clearing out my computer and getting rid of bits&pieces, I realized that I take so many photos but I never share them with anyone. Kind of depressing right? So anyways I'm gonna start to actively share the photos I take. These are my favorite shots of 2010. So I'll write a little description of the story behind each photo

This photo is beyond trashy. It was freezing cold outside when I took this. Poor model got sick!


I took this photo for Toge's clothing line. It took so many hours of post production work to find the photo she liked & "style".

One of my favorite photos because this was so fucking hard to do. It involved using second curtain shutter so I could get the frozen person but trailing lights and timing everything perfectly. Those are glowsticks btw, not ribbons.

Just a bathroom shot. Lighting this SHOULD have been easy but this was in a corner so you can imagine how hard it was to fit lights in here. This style totally reminds me of Mark the Cobra Snake's style sans the extreme vignetting.

Anyways here is a photo I took recently. I don't have the time to schedule photoshoots with models anymore but this era sure was fun. From now on, I guess I'll use myself for lighting practice. 

 I like this dreamy effect a lot but ironically, I think my features look pretty harsh here. hmMm..

New shoes. I'm not really a "product" person when it comes to photography but I had so much fun lighting these shoes. I think its because I'm used to lighting now so I don't have to experiment a lot anymore... at least regarding products. People are always a hassle!

Anyways I bought these and a pair of black pumps a long way back but it took FOREVER to ship. These are sooo comfy but the 5.5-6inch heels are a bitch to walk in. I mean I can handle everything up to 5 inches but these are totally different. I guess I just have to get used to them!

I'm so excited for my t2i to come so I can finally start filming! TWO T2IS TO FILM?!? Am I crazy?!? No seriously, I am so frigging excited to edit my videos!

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