Monday, June 27

Unpublished Look + NEW VIDEO + Food

So I was planning on my look for my next YT video since I got so much positive feedback on my current one... and I totally failed haha. Here is a photo to document what will never be seen on camera! You can barely see the purple here but trust me... its loud and proud.I had to switch up my look and here is the outcome -- > MAH VIDEO!! It took forever to film (two days & 7 hours to edit) I'm getting better at editing. If you guys thought my last video was epic... this one is even more epic.  


Here are some production stills from the video TEAASERRRRSSS

Anyways I feel so sad for the lack of updates (ESPECIALLY THE FOOD!!) ... but I hope that my videos will make up for it in the long run! Here is some of the yummy food I ate recently: pad kee mao, papaya salad, fruit tart, & an eclair.


Until Next Time,

P.S. Do you guys think I should do videos outside of make-up? I mean I think make-up is a good platform to market myself but I wanna do other adventure videos too!! What you think? And also should I do shorter videos every week (1-2 minutes) or more epic lengthy videos every 2 weeks?

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