Saturday, October 1

Local Manufacturers: Nooworks SF

My teacher gave us all an assignment to interview and write a report on local manufacturers. Me and my group decided to do Nooworks, a clothing company in San Francisco, and I learned so much about local manufacturing that I never knew before! Such as the MOQ for local manufacturers are so much lower than overseas. If you've ever deal with overseas companies, you'll know what I mean ): ): 

But anyways, nooworks uses four different artists each year to create different prints for their seasonal collections. So that ensures that each piece you buy has a limited quantity. The greatest thing about this whole process is that its actually not that pricey (30-100+ dollars) & their dresses are totally adorable! Anyways some delicious photos for you guys now!

I'm feeling a bit (okay incredibly!!) uninspired lately. I don't know if its the stress of school or weight gain or what but I really need to re-motivate myself out of this slump! Its more of a quarter-life crisis if anything ): I'm so incredibly grateful for each and every one of my followers so thank you guys for supporting me this whole time! who0ho0!!  

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