Wednesday, October 5

Leopard Print Cross, Canmake Lash Care Essence, & a Late Surprise Present

A bit difficult to take photos by myself but this is what the handy dandy manfrotto is for! Anyways I'm jumping the bandwagon on the leopard cross shirt except the one I bought was atrocious to say the least (it was so dirt cheap I couldn't pass it up though!). I didn't realize how weird the cut was until it was delivered to me and the bottom is shredded to resemble a rejected Halloween costume (it is October after all...). So I paired it with high wasted shorts and quite frankly, I think I look spiffy!

And now for a photo I took of my boyfriend!! He was playing with his phone when I took this beautiful photo & when I told him to take one of me, he hesitantly took a CRAPTASTIC ONE!! Well the sun was setting by that time but I wanted epic lens flare photo as well!! Anyways tomorrow is his birthday so if you guys have time you should tweet him (@theincarna) a happy birthday so he will be really confused why these people are tweeting him!!

Oh my gosh on my birthday, thaniekb sent me this EPIC SHADY LADY PALETTE (from the balm)!! I'm so shocked!! Thank you so much. I've never gotten real birthday presents from friends other than keychains or etc items so this was so nice. I even called my bf to tell him I got a real hallmark card & he called me a dork >: hmph!! I'm gonna try these shadows tomorrow.

Also, I bought this canmake eyelash treatment thing because... I have spaces in my eyelashes now. The worst ones are the bottom eyelashes because I used to glue fake bottom lashes and now there are huge gaps that won't fill ): ): This serum is seriously hardcore. It made my lashes longer! But sadly, not thicker. I still use it nightly though.

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