Tuesday, October 18

Promise Me a Rose Garden

Promised myself all these fantabulous things for October until school started REALLY whipping my ass >: No halloween video /sad face/ but its okay! I'm gonna take it slow and make videos as they come. 

Schools been more than a bitch. And as sad as my time management is, I still find time to exercise! I work out three to four times a week now and so far I've lost a good 8 pounds that stays off (not like those gross yucky starvation diets). I think the biggest whoa factor was when I lost two inches off my waist... WOW I MUST HAVE BEEN EATING PURE SHIT AND BEING A FATASS FOR THE LONGEST TIME!

But anyways, I'm really sad that I havent been able to share all the fun shit I bought with you guys!! (Like that more than awethum sweater. I've been in a sweater phase right now but lets not go off topic) BUT I WILL SHARE THE FACT THAT I BOUGHT AN IPHONE4S WHO0TWHO0T!! I've already spammed my twitter with more than enough images of food with faces :> (add me at @hystericmint to witness this epic food face epidemic that is sweeping the nation.. well okay just me)... Next post will be the giveaway winner anddddd........ a bitchy review!! Just kidding its not bitchy at all... I just ruined the surprise for you >:

& ONE MORE THING... DO YOU GUYS PREFER MORE BLOGS BUT WITH SHITTIER QUALITY IMAGES (via iphone) or less blogs but with dslr images? I noticed that people do not enjoy the iphone camho photos which is perfectly understandable because I hate those myself but I mean its way easier. I promise that my photos will be way more kickass than regular camho photos. ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS PLEASEEE

Until Next Time,

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