Saturday, December 17

Feather Ear Cuffs and ETC.

So back to regular updates. A while back, Felicia at sent me this beautiful feather earcuff she made herself. To be honest, I expected some small cuffs but what she sent me was HUGE AND FLUFFY! And you guys all know how much I love big things (LOL)-- big jewelry, big hair, big make-up! The quality of this cuff is really really superb. Soft to the touch and yet durable enough to withstand everyday wear. Plus it looks flipping hot!! I've already worn it out a bajillion times so you'll be sure to see it in some outfit shots :)

Some other photos of some recent or not so recent buys and food porn. I bought all this cute jewelry on ebay only to realize they looked eerily similar to some Betsey Johnson. It didn't mention anything about Betsey Johnson but I'm still kind of iffy about wearing it... BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! Anyways,  It was my boyfriend's graduation yesterday so we pigged out on all this delicious sushi. Live uni, blue fin toro, hamachi toro oh my god I'm drooling from last night's meal!!

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