Tuesday, December 20

The Stand In Make-Up Artist


I've been such a great blogger, trying to blog frantically these days to make up for the lack of entries and the upcoming review entries (I try not to have too many review entries every month to balance things out)... For Christmas, my beloved boyfriend helped me sell ALL my computer parts (goodbye gaming desktop!) and paid for the difference to buy me a MacBook Air -- I'm quite the newly evolved apple fangirl. Now I feel très chic sipping my corporate-chain coffee while blogging on my shiny new laptop outside my house. This gives me so much more incentive to write (plus its unforgiveably romantic sitting at a coffeeshop with my boyfriend till dark then holding hands and walking home. Especially with all the Christmas lights).

So before break, there was an bi-annual fashion show at my school. One of my lovely friends, Ariel had her line in the show but her make-up artist cancelled on her the day of! She called me up to help with the make-up and photography and I, being the great friend I am, gladly accepted in exchange for some home baked cookies.  Here are some backstage and finished photos :) 

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