Friday, June 15

Back with a Giveaway!!!

I feel like I've been to hell and back in these past few months. And maybe hell is an understatement. What is the hell of hell? Well anyways, I'm back! And with every life changing event, I changed -- physically and mentally. The time I've been idle I thought about all the things I took for granted and whatnot. Now that I can see clearly (ha... haha.. get it?), I am going to do more with my life than ever before. Which means in this case, more content!! I WILL BE SPAMMING THE FINKLEDOODLE OUT OF EVERYTHING.

As you may or may not have noticed, the blog URL is different! I have changed my blog, my instagram, twitter, tumblr, youtube -- EVERYTHING! I even remade a Facebook. (Its my personal facebook so I won't be accepting any friend requests sorry :<) It's time to get serious and start anew. I even remade the theme for my blogger from scratch. If you were following me on tumblr you will notice that they match! The new layout is extremely minimal so you can concentrate on the content HAHA I was actually waiting for the perfect moment to launch everything at once :>

So to kick things off.... I am going to thank all of you guys by GIVING AWAY SOME FREE SHIT AWWWW YEAHHH!!! Who doesn't love that? Anyways in this giveaway, I'm going to be giving out some lashes, a cute box to put your new lashes in, a crapload of bling stickers, two NYX lipsticks in strawberry milk and narcissus (my fav!), and SOME MORE BLING GLITTER SHADOW.

Giveaway will end FIRST OF AUGUST

Anyways -- how to enter

1. Follow me on Blogger & comment with your e-mail THIS IS MANDATORY. I NEED TO CONTACT YOU! and also it would help if you told me which steps you did with what username... I WILL CHECK +1 entry
2. Follow me on twitter +1 entry
3. Follow me on Tumblr +1 entry
4. Subscribe to my new youtube + 1 entry
5. Subscribe to me on Facebook (dont add me!) +1 entry
6. REBLOG / RT (with link please) + 2 entry


Until Next Time,

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