Tuesday, June 19

Freshlooks Toric Grey

I think this will be my last contact lens review but I wanted to share what I thought about my current everyday lens. I think its safe to say that I will no longer be wearing circle lens anymore. I've actually grown out of wearing them as Ive realized that with my insanely large eyes that regular contact lenses look better. Just a preference though!

To be honest, I was kind of scared of not wearing circle lens and having blonde hair anymore. Though these are superficial things, I've had circle lens and blonde hair for an eternity and without them I feel weirdly not me. Like I chopped off my arm or something. But now I actually like this new look a lot more. It looks less artificial on me (quite a contradiction when really I have like 20lbs of make-up on) and I can concentrate on other things. NOT DYING YOUR ROOTS EVERY FEW WEEKS IS AN AMAZING FEELING!!

For some odd reason since my last complete check up (not follow up) three months ago, I've developed mild astigmatism. I suspect its all the squinting I've been doing without contacts or glasses lately. The eye doctor told me I could opt for regular lenses or toric ones but assured me that the toric ones would fit better though they would be a tad more expensive. Though the option of having many other colors was tempting, I just kind of said fuck it. I don't want anything weird to happen to my eyes!

Anyways toric lenses are a bit thicker and usually last a month since they have to retain their shape. I was not used to wearing toric lenses (even the regular clear lenses) and it took me a while to get accustomed to the feeling... Especially when you first insert them and the base has to rotate. I do admit that these lenses aren't the most comfortable, but neither are my clear ones. I use eyedrops every once in a while to retain moisture as it feels a bit dry mid day. The color is fairly bright but not obnoxiously bright in my opinion. Price wise, you are going to need to sell your first born child... Seriously. With rebates and everything, I spent around two hundred plus on a years supply. But honestly, I'm fine with it because NOW I CAN SEE IN HD! I think I'm just so used to buying yearly circle lens for what?... Twenty dollars that the price increase kind of shocked me. It's probably quite comparable to the American contact lens market price.

LENGTHY POST!! I am working on le studio lighting oh ho ho so what do you guys think? Comment responses are going to be a bit laggy as I'm trying to post all the photos I've taken quickly!

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