Thursday, June 21

Jurlique: Make your Face Feel like a Baby's Ass.

So the other day I was invited to a press meeting about Jurlique's new product. It was a very last minute invite but I was extremely interested as I confess, I have never been to one of these before! Hah! I know, before I was quite the home body but for some reason, I felt compelled to go. It might have been the free food. That always gets me. Or the fact that I haven't properly gone out in ages. Note: Yes, I got free shit (and by shit I actually mean miracle hydrating lotion and the such) from this event, but by no means was I paid to endorse these products.

Anyways, I went without any idea of what I was getting myself into! There was a short demo about their new Rose Moisture Plus line. I learned a great deal about biodynamic agriculture which they use in their products. Its actually quite insane as they have to cultivate the ingredients using different phases of the moon and sun as well as a very efficient irrigation system. Damn I was impressed to say the least.

So here I am, amazed at the fact that they put 8000 ROSE PETALS.... IN ONE SINGLE BOTTLE OF THEIR ROSEWATER BALANCING MIST and that's when it happened.They tested a small sample of various creams and mists on my hands and I fell in love! Actually, I think love is an understatement.

I had an amazing mini facial and went home with some goodie bags. The staff was exceptionally attentive and taught me basic things I never knew-- such as never apply lotion downward on your face but always lift up. So during the weekend, I was extremely busy showing my friend around and working on a few projects. I didn't even touch the goodie bags and I had forgotten the silky feeling of Jurlique's products. When I decided to try the products again today, I fell in love all over. MY FACE FEELS LIKE A BABY'S ASS. I can't even explain the feeling I get with their products. Sure the rose smell is a bit strong in my opinion but it just feels... AMAZING. My skin feels bouncier, brighter, and smoother without feeling heavy. I have no idea how that works but I am satisfied.

BUY THIS AND YOUR SKIN WILL THANK YOU FOR IT. I am now going to chuck my beloved Olay face cream out and use Jurlique in my daily regimen. This is how skin cream should feel. Even my mother was fighting to put it in her bathroom! Hats off to you Jurlique, both for using sustainable resources in formulating your product and providing a product that makes my skin feel like it should.

I understand that some people might think that the products are a bit on the pricier side but it lasts for-flipping-ever and I think that the feeling of my skin feeling like a baby's ass is priceless. I've always been really big on keeping my skin in good condition because I have exceptionally dry skin meaning wrinkles are more prone to forming. The only real way to get rid of wrinkles is to prevent them.

Now when you enter JUNEROSE after a fifty dollar purchase (it comes with free shipping too!), you will receive a deluxe sample of their Rose Moisture Plus Cream (16 dollar value). Expires June 30, 2012.

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