Saturday, February 26

Engadget Reader Meetup in San Francisco

For some people who know me very well, they know that I am an inner nerd. I love video games and reading up on cameras/cell phones. I hate going out (unless there's food involved) and I would much rather stay at home with Aaron in my pajamas eating chips and playing video games. So today, I convinced Aaron to go with me to the Engadget Reader Meetup in San Francisco. It was freezing cold but I got him to go with me (scoreeeeeeee)

My outfit for the event! I wore casual clothing so I would not stick out as much because I actually don't like to be noticed... haha ; o ;
Top: Glad News
Pants & Cardigan: Off Brand
Shoes: Randa

I got a foxtail when i went overseas but never attached it to anything until now! Its so cute & fluffy hehe..


This is a close up of my make-up today... I am so sad! I lost my nude lipstick so I have to use lip concealer instead... -sadness- This is the second time I lost nude lipstick

Yay we got in! The venue had a capacity of 1200 people and I was very scared I would not get in ; o ;!!! The line was so crazy. It circled around the block four times. I got so excited & was playing so much with the gadgets that I didn't take photos.... ahhh sad me!!!


They had live tweets which were HILARIOUS! One that stuck out to me the most was about a man  who would perform sexual favors in exchange for one of the giveaway prizes.

Around 8ish, people started camping out! I thought it was most cute because I would have done this too except Aaron is not fond of camping. I thought it was cute 70-80% of the people were blogging while they were there! People were walking around recording things for YT, tweeting, or taking a bunch of photos. :)

I thought this was funny. At the end of the night as I was about to leave, I saw the woman who was explaining the new line of HP laptops (that launched this Tuesday) go on Facebook secretly. I caught youuu!!!

I think out of all the gadgets I played with, I was the most interested in the Blackberry Playbook. I was contemplating on getting an ipad for my mother because of the battery life and ease of usage. But now after seeing the Playbook, I WANT IT FOR MYSELF!!!! The interface is so nice. I wish I took photos of it but basically, you navigate through swiping. It doesn't have any buttons (+1 pt for design), its small, light, the resolution is so sharp and the best thing is... IT HAS MULTITASK!!! The thing I hate about the iPad is that I have to pause every application to go on another one... Battery life is not released yet so I guess that is the deciding factor for me. I wonder how much it will cost...

They actually gave away two Playbooks and I was so insanely jealous at the people who won.

I really like going to these things. I can't wait to go next time.


  1. i love your eyemake !
    really cool blog !

  2. Looking gorgeous~! ♥ I love effortless outfits like that~

  3. your eye makeup is gorg! x

  4. Ohh assssssss! I didn't know they have meetups like that... I don't read Engadget, but if I ever find my boyfriend on the computer, 90% of the time he's on engadget hahaha. I wonder if he even knew about it, because I'm sure he would've ditched work to be there.

    Loving the outfit btw, and your makeup looks rad <33

  5. @Suzu thank you!!

    @Tori I got bashed on even though I dressed down because no one believed I was into gadgets ; o ; ...

    @Julie Thanks! Maybe I`ll post a tutorial later

    @Katie They have one every couple of years I think. It was so fun but too many people ; o ;

    @Elaine I KNOW!! I'm playing dead space right now and I'm contemplating buying assassin's creed~ what about you?