Tuesday, February 15


 Happy Valentines Day!!!
This my outfit for valentines day :3


I curled my hair for it (haha) ... I was surprised that I still remember how to curl hair after not doing my hair for so long!! 

Lately, I've been wearing this eyeshadow -- KATE diamond eyeshadow. When I first bought it, I was very disappointed because the Majorca Majorlica eyeshadow was so much more pigmented. I wanted to buy another Majorca Majorlica eyeshadow but I cheaped out and got a KATE one instead. So I gave it another chance and IT SURPRISED ME SO MUCH!!

Its a small eyeshadow. I bought the cool gray one :3

So instead of it being pigmented, it sparkles! It makes my eyes look like diamonds for real! I saw other people blog about using brown but I think for this type of eyeshadow, cooler colors will pop out more.

Close up shot of my make up! This slight fisheye effect on my phone camera makes me look funny >:

Shirley bought me a rock&republic eyeshadow! Its called nailed (cool gray) I'm not sure how often I will use it but the packaging is just GORGEOUS!

Opens up into this
Little eyeshadow container
WABAM! Its such a pretty color but I don't think I will use it much because I am actually very lazy with my make up and I like to do things on the go.

Also, if you are wondering how I took these pretty photos, I actually made my own light tent instead of buying one. Making your own light tent = like twenty five cents. Buying a light tent from ebay = twenty five dollars HAHA

This is actually what the process looks like! The type of lightbulb I'm using is a very bright fluorescent one. You can use any type of light bulb you want but I like cooler tones. I lined a box up with white paper but I heard fabric is better.

Until Next Time,


  1. awww you look so hot honey! and cute hair!

  2. You're so beautiful <3
    And your outfit is really stunning \\^__^//

  3. Beautifull ;D, i love your hair. The eyeshadow is cute and shiny. <3

  4. That eyeshadow is GORGEOUS ♥
    Thank you for sharing the homemade tent light idea too, haha~!

  5. That eyeshadow is so shimmery, damn gorgeous! Looks so pretty on ya ;D xx

  6. Your make-up is always perfect. LEMME HAV THAT WARDROBE, SON

  7. Dudeee I have two different of those KATE shadowsssss, I've been using for over a yearrrrr, I lovee! <3

  8. so cute and interesting blog! ;)

    i will follow youu

  9. Your make-up is always perfect. LEMME HAV THAT WARDROBE, SON