Sunday, February 27

Nerd Sundays #001: Dead Space 2 for iPad Review

So part of my New Year's resolution is to update my blog more often. I'm sure most of you can tell that I'm not a very committed blogger ): So I decided to motivate myself by blogging at least once a week on things other than what I did or what my make-up looks like because to be honest, that takes a LOT of time/energy to find someone to take my photo or spend time camwhoring then shifting through my photos to find one where I don't look like an alien.

Most of these posts will probably be about photography (such as lens reviews/ lighting tutorials), tech stuff (shit I really want/ apps or games I like)

TOPIC #1: Dead Space 2 on iPad


(Awwww yeah. Killing dem bitchez.)

So as you may or may not know, horror games are my favorite genre of gaming. I'm not a fan of RPGs or MMOs (don't boo me ; o ;). I used to be when I was younger (think 12/13) but as a college student with a boyfriend, a dog, a job, and a blog, I simply don't have enough time to put into playing RPGs/MMOs. That, and I get addicted to shit really easily so I could potentially fail a few classes. (When I played RE4 with Aaron, we both spent a whole week of our winter break in our pajamas, living off a combination of canned foods and delivery. Thus, with my shitty immune system, I got really sick from not seeing the sun enough and ruined a good half of our vacation overseas.)

Aaron actually bought Dead Space 2 for the iPad for me. Even after seeing the trailer, I was unconvinced that the game was scary. Something about being trapped in space with mutated aliens just didn't feel scary.  However, after playing for a good fifteen minutes I was scared shitless. I kept dying (its very hard to control on the iPad, mind you!)

(I hate walking past those corpse because I know for sure one of them is about to attack me)

The game play is a third person shooter ordeal. Concept is simple: you perform small missions to find out whats going on. 

It may seem steep for ten dollars on the iPad but trust me, it is well worth it.  The cons of the game are, that I get a headache very fast. This may be due to me squinting to see the details on the iPad. More cons are that upgrades for armor costs real money ): . I'm not a fan of paying real money to upgrade my suit. Also, it may get a bit laggy depending on how many things are running on your iPad

After playing it on the iPad, I decided to buy Dead Space 1 on Steam. Primarily because I have a good computer now so why not optimize its usage I should go in chronological order anyways right? I will upgrade again after I finished Dead Space 1 but so far, I highly recommend the iPad app!

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  2. My boyfriend downloaded this too and showed me. I'm actually surprised how it didn't scare me, but my bf kept jumping and screaming hahaha. Not to say I was able to get through the console version... well, besides the fact it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to get off the damn ship..........

    Oh yes, I'm from Santa Clara!! <3 only like 45 minutes from sf ^^

  3. oh yew changed ur header bby <3

  4. @katie YOU NEED HEADPHONESSS and play in the dark!! you come visits sometime? ; o ;