Tuesday, February 8

Eyelash Case!

 So the other day, when I got off from work, I went to Ichiban-Kan. For those who are unfamiliar to Nor-Cal, Ichiban-Kan is a one dollar store kind of like daiso but more specialized in home accessories and girly stuff. As I was going to get myself a screen protector for my phone, I noticed this item that says "eyelash box"

Now normally I would think why do I need an eyelash box when I can just buy a regular, cheaper box? I took the chance and bought and and IM SO GLAD I DID!

Now instead of having my eyelashes in a giant clump in one of my little containers, I can seperate them. This is what my eyelash used to look like top and bottom ones all entangled in a teeny tiny container.

NOW LOOK! Everything is seperated so I can grab my eyelashes without losing bottom lashes. This is a really good bargain for a dollar fifty because it reminds me of dollywink's box with the seperators
Except you know... dollywinks is like ten+ dollars and this one was A DOLLAR FIFTY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY COMES WITH A MIRROR

My eyelashes even feel better when I put them on because they aren't bent into weird shapes!!! 

I'm almost done with editing my Japan+HK photos but unfortunately, they are 80% of food HAHAHAHA so be prepared for a massive fatass upload sometime this week

Until next time,


  1. OMG I want your eyelash case NAOOOOOZZZZ!

  2. i have this exact same case! it's really cute and useful. your eyes are amazing, by the way!

  3. Everything feels better when it's cheap and usefull xD

    *awaiting food galore*

  4. Cute eyelash case !!!! I want! I like your eyelash case. way better fo sho~!

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  6. @emy dude i should just buy one for erryone. its a dollar fifty! they dont have it at daiso though ; o ;

    @mia oh why thank youuuu *A*!!! the opening/close feels kind of flimsy so i hope it wont break



    @michi they must have it in LA if they have it up here!!!

    @la mi oh hai there! ill visit your blog~

  7. Haha, I actually like yours better than the Dolly Wink one! ♥ I'd totes pay you to snag me one, haha~