Tuesday, May 24

Upgrading my Camera

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This is going to be my last blog with this camera. GOODBYE MY DEAR CAMERA. YOU HAVE SERVED ME WELL FOR THREE AND A HALF YEARS. Why am I updating my camera you ask? Well, my boyfriend finally convinced me to start doing YT videos again. 

A little back story but.. When I was younger I did a few ghetto youtube videos that got pretty popular. And now that I'm older I feel like I want to start making videos again. Not your average v-log videos either but legit ass videos... so I'm upgrading my camera to... a t2i! the camera my boyfriend has... Just because I can't buy any heavier cameras [my back even hurts from plastic bodies] and I really love the t2i's sensor. I don't need all the new video options the t3i offers because I can do all of that post production anyways.

To be honest, I really like making videos. I like the post production work way more than the actual filming though! So get ready for some legit ass videos once I get my camera. I might be away from blogging for a little bit just while I sell my old camera/buy my new one/edit videos etc.

Other exciting news is that I got promoted again at work! [this is the reason why I let myself buy a nicer camera... kind of like a gift to myself] But what you might ask? Its a secret! Haha but its a pretty big deal. Ever since summer started life has been amazing. I can't even describe it. It must be the enormous hours of sleep. Anyways, here are some photos of me  [with very minimal make-up/circles] at my workplace with my oh so funny bunny shirt and high waisted shorts! 

Until Next Time,

P.S. ALL OF YOU GUYS MUST SEE THE EDC TRAILER. OH MY GOD ITS FUCKING MAGICAL. I'm gonna be so sad to be missing out on something as fun as this but tbh, I'm so swamped by work that I can't even imagine taking a few days off for a rave. Next year?

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