Thursday, July 7

EOS Candy Eye Circle Lens & Revlon's Soft Nude Review

Long time since I wrote a review about anything.. Well mostly because I've been having so many new ideas for filming. I shop a lot so I try to test out my products for at least two-three weeks before I write a review on it.

OKAY I HAVE TO SAY THIS BEFORE MY REVIEW... IS IT JUST ME OR DO CAMERA PHONE IMAGES MAKE YOU LOOK 1000X BETTER LOOKING? Or even point and shoot cameras. I've been testing lighting on camera and on my beauty dish.... It is extremely hard to light my face without making me look doughtastic (flattened features, etc.) I think I look so much more "realistic" on camera and in cell phone photos. IDK if its only me or do other people notice this too? Anyways, onto the reviews...

I got this because Canmake's melty nude lipstick wasn't cutting it for me anymore. Under certain light conditions it looks more pale pink nude than a true nude. I was looking for a cheap alternative when I stumbled upon this! It was buy one get one half off at Walgreens and I needed a new Revlon liquid eyeliner (I highly recommend it. That shit stays on your skin forever) so I picked this up along the way.

Here is a swatch of it on my skin. This is a really bad nude for pale skin tones. Its way too orangey and not pigmented enough. I had to pack that shit on for it to show up on my skin. And I say shit because, it is... shit. Its a really bad nude. I'm sure for darker skin tones, this might be a bit better but that horrid orange undertone.... Overall I would give it a 2 out of 5 stars. One star for being half off and another one for having nice packaging.

After I got this I immediately went on ELF's website and bought three natural nymphs. It is still the best and cheapest nude I've ever used.

Next up, I bought new circles because I needed a new brown. I opted for these EOS Candy Series lens because I thought it would make me look dolly. I think dolly is an understatement. These make me look like I'm straight up on drugs. I enjoy the effect quite a lot since I think I look rather dashing being a drugged up possessed vampire-esque being. These are actually my new favorite lens. Even my boyfriend was all "damn you look amazing!" ... but I think that's because he secretly enjoys the drugged up possessed vampire niche. 

Also, I'm doing way more natural lashes/shadows now. I'm wearing Diamond Lash's fairy eye which I have been bashing for around a year now and I have to say, not bad with layers of mascara.

Here is a photo of me my badass contacts on and that horrid Revlon lipstick. Comfort wise, they are actually quite drying. I mean I don't mind since I've worn circles for like 16 hours at a time without eye drops (LOL IM GONNA BE BLIND SOON) but for most normal people, definitely expect a bit of discomfort. This was my first time wearing them and I could feel them sticking to my eye after 6-8 hours. You aren't supposed to wear them for that long anyways so myeh.

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