Tuesday, August 23

NYX Champagne + Caviar, Landbis Liquid Liner, & Gifts

Hey guys! So I'm back with a review of stuff I got recently. I'm trying to put more effects on my photos to make this blog more interesting HAHA! Anyways, I bought the NYX Champagne & Caviar palette & I received Landbis's Liquid Liner. I'm wearing both in the photo below. Ignore the epic messy bed hair!


This palette was pretty cheap (think ten dollars?) and I wanted a portable, bigger palette. My thoughts of this palette are its good for its price but its nothing amazing. As you can see from the swatches, a few colors are misses ): Honestly, I use probably 5-6 out of the 12 colors. The texture is incredible soft and there is a lot of fallout. I mean good for cheapos who like natural colors like me but nothing worth paying more than ten dollars for.

Next up, I received this eyeliner from http://www.kkcenterhk.com/. I honestly don't do a lot of sponsored posts because I'm scared of hoarding stuff I dont need but I saw this cute liquid liner and I had to have it. Its super small so it fits in your purse. Plus it comes with funny engrish plastered on it in case you ever wanted to pretend you were foreign. Anyways I'll list some pros and cons

Pros: Its flipping cute. Its tiny size makes it easy to conceal anywhere! It has a super fine tip that makes drawing cat eyes super easy! Oh did I mention its pink?

Cons: The tip is a bit stiff making it hard to get that true black on & its not completely waterproof

Anyways, I got a few presents from friends!! First up, Shirley gave me this cross I was fangirling over a few months ago. I can't believe she remembered!! & she gave me her old MAC brow pencil that doesnt match her skintone anymore!! THANKS BABE<3 Anz gave me some flipping awesome eyelashes, laneige facial mask, a contact case, & hair serum! I'm wearing the lashes now and they are so cute!!

School is starting soon and I'm not loving it but I'll try my best to update both my youtube & blog :) 

Until Next Time,

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