Friday, August 12


So I finally took some more photos of my shoes/accessories that I think are worth selling. I update my shoe collection very often and now I feel as though theres too much clutter so I'm going to sell my shoes that I quite frankly... have not worn before. HAHA Anyways accessories first

All these prices do not include a 3% paypal fee. Or you can "gift it" and not get the fee. International shipping is 18-23 dollars per pair.

Black Peace Now Hardcore Black Choker - 30$ shipped

Black Peace Now Hardcore White Choker - 30$ shipped

Lace up Sandal Boots
Size M (36-37) 25 dollars shipped

 Oxford Pumps
Size 7. 25 dollars shipped


Snakeskin Pumps (New!)
Size 7 (fits a bit snug) 18 dollars shipped


Black Bling Boots (new!)
Size 7. 15 dollars shipped.


Over The Knee Boots (like new!)
Size M (36-37) 30 dollars shipped.

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